i think it could be so good



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3 responses to “i think it could be so good

  1. Oh that was great to hear. It’s been far too long since I listened to Weezer.

  2. I have to admit, I have a real soft spot for Weezer. Always have, always will. Pinkerton for instance will always remain in my personal top ten. Strange though, how I have developed a certain ambivalence about them in their later years. Might be the jokey goofball stuff they do that causes my unfair scrutiny. They really do know how to craft a catchy pop song though; And sometimes dear Allison that is ALL we need.

    Great video, (and song). I had never seen this.


  3. Barb: Definitely a tune we don’t hear enough of.

    Sean: I have a soft spot for Weezer too, mainly old Weezer though. I did like one song off their latest, but other than that, been a couple of years. But yes, they o know how to right a catchy tune.

    Are you a fan of ALL? Wasn’t sure if that’s what you intended with the caps, but a friend turned me onto them – talk about catchy. :)

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