I’ve been using Facebook since I was in my third year of university, at Queen’s. That was about 4-5 years ago.

Back then it was a social network only opened to other students, at various universities across North America. Now I believe there is something like 175 million users? Its opened up communication lines that it is no longer surprising when old teachers, and elementary school enemies add you as a friend. And sometimes you will click through photos of people who don’t know and there isn’t a delayed reaction of is this creeping…I mean, they are public.

Good and bad is what I’m saying.

It also got me thinking, I’ve been blogging for just as long, but why all of a sudden I am bored with blogging and hanging around Facebook more?

Is it because now with the status updates I can say what I want in 150 characters or less? Therefore, it is just laziness? I mean the things going around Facebook now (the quizes, etc) are in no way revolutionary. Anyone who has been around the internet has done the What Colour Are You quiz. Is it the immediacy of it then? Is blogging really dead?


I have to go change my status.

Oh, and I’m purple, if you’re wondering.



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  1. I can’t address why facebook still holds an allure for you, but maybe it is the immediacy, as you say, or the brevity. How about that twitter?

    I like the feel of blogs, personally. I can restrict myself to posting no more than once a day, and I can write as much or as little as I like. That said, I do find myself succumbing to TLDR syndrome when reading others’ posts. Maybe our attention spans really are shortening.

  2. I really don’t use facebook at all anymore. For me, that’s mostly been because I started agreeing to be friends with people I actually have no contact with, virtual or otherwise. Old school friends etc. It inhibits me and makes me conscious of what I’m putting up there. Plus every time I check I have like, a million requests to play poker with, or be kidnapped by, or join some overly hysterical ’cause’ with people I haven’t exchanged one word with in over a decade! What I *should* do is have a cull of the friends list, but that just seems wrong! So I just never go there :( I am twittering like an addict tho – if it’s the status updates you’re keen for you should get into it :)

  3. serah

    The only thing about facebook is that everyone and everyone can see everything. Sometimes one likes a little more private in their public information share. I have been thinking on this a lot lately since I have to watch what I do a bit more cautiously for fear of a work and personal life collision…I’m not sure the HR on that so I am being careful. It suck though – what about visits? – what about this trip to San Francisco? no photos on fcbk…it’s heart breaking. That’s were my blog is a okay b/c although anyone could technically view it…nobody but you does.

  4. Very timely post dear Allison… I too have been wrestling with the relative merits of facebooking vs. blogging of late. Originally, I had a myriad of reservations about joining Facebook. In fact I regularly chided aquaintances for joining the cult. Eventually, (as you know) I did join. I guess I am glad I did. It has certainly made me a more informed person. I think there is value in knowing what is happening in the lives of people you really do care about. And yes, as you pointed out there are a number of facile aspects that do get a little tired. The endless memes and quizzes being the most obvious culprits.

    I do however find myself craving solitary time lately though. Perhaps its information overload, I don’t know. Is the blog suffering? Not necessarily… I constantly question its relative value in my life and perhaps more importantly in other peoples lives.

    I like your blog a lot, I like Barbara’s and yes Serah I do read your blog regularly and love it. You are all tremendously expressive people with viewpoints I find both creative and interesting. You create things that make me think, make me want to create.

    Late last year I had emailed Barb that I had truly found a place I liked to be, in this blogging community. She returned “that I had found my tribe.” She was so very correct…

    I guess I didn’t really answer any of your questions here but perhaps you understand why I keep coming back.

    Keep being creative. Everyone. Its inspiring and I hope, contagious.


  5. Well, you’ve all reminded me why I still enjoy blogging. Your comments. :)

    Barb: I have a Twitter account, but hardly ever use it. I can’t handle that many social networks. ;) Besides, Facebook is basically now Twitter.

    Yes, I think our attention spans are shortening. Typically when I’m on the computer, I have music on, and then the tv in the background, or I’m talking on the phone. The only time I am not, is when I’m writing. Perhaps I need to just take a break from it all for a bit. To realize I miss it.

    Karen: Its funny, I’ve seen a lot of my friends “clean up” friend lists. Its something I am considering. I don’t really have too many people on there that I would want to hide things from…but I’m still conscious of what goes up there. For instance, I would never link this blog to my profile.

    I might have to catch you on Twitter then. ;)

    Serah: Not if you have your privacy settings adjusted properly. I’ve unclicked a lot, and you can create a “custom” list to certain people are blocked from seeing things, etc. That said if you have that list, perhaps one shouldn’t be Friends, eh. I’m defintely aware of the work thing though, I’ve never crossed that line.

    Sean: Its funny, because lately I found myself doing the meme’s and quizzes and then wondering why. Guess I’m too bored at work. ;)

    For me, I’m always on the computer because I am so isolated from everyone I care about in my life. Its easier to keep up with people via Facebook, etc. But I know what you mean about information overload, I find myself needing more time away from technology too, but have to be more active in this. As the seasons change, this is help, so I will actually want to be outside. If spring ever gets here…

    Reading other blogs does have a great impact on you, be it to make you think about something from a different angle, or to inspire. These comments remind of that, and its something I could never get from Facebook.

  6. strawberry-blondie

    As with fashion, music and jewellery our completely opposite natures are showing themselves. ;-)

    I’ve become so disillusioned with internet communities in general. I used to enjoy having a place to organize photos and share them with friends, but now that it’s all about chronic updates, notes, quizzes and lists of playlists and film titles I think I’m out.

    I’m sick of the narcissism, vanity and self-importance and the notion that everyone has something newsworthy and valuable that should be of interest to masses of people. I’m sick of everyone thinking that they’re a photographer a music and film critic and a political pundit. When someone posts a note/photo or something and it’s automatically a cue for their friends to jump in and laude out praise. It seems like a community designed for people to validate their existence.

    I’m sick of people only bothering to do things when there’s a camera around to document it. Status and photos carefully selected because people know their exes, crushes, coworkers are viewing them. In short, I’m sick of people only living when they are performing to an audience and thinking people should check for updates as it were legitimate news. No one lives for the moment anymore, just the reaction to it on facebook. Orwell was right; big brother is watching, and we set up the tripod ourselves.

    So there’s my disillusioned rant! Apologies for its length, but you won’t be hearing much from me via the internet for a while so it’ll even itself out. ;-)

  7. Allison

    My first reaction when I read your comment was, “Hello Pot, It’s Kettle. You’re Black.” As I’ve seen you fall victim to the very things you are lashing out against. Not with the status updates, but I was thinking more along the lines of photos. Regardless, the key phrase in your rant is “I’ve become so disillusioned,” and I can see why, things have exploded at an alarming pace and its frightening to think that we’re in a living in this live stream of news feeds, created by ourselves, for ourselves, really. The very question of “What’s on your mind?” when you log on to change a status vs. the old “What are you doing?” speaks to the increased narcissism and the like.

    Still, I find myself wanting to partake and keep updated, and I readily admit to being a narcissist. Christ, we’re discussing this on my blog. That’s proof enough. ;)

  8. I am bouncing all over lately and not contributing anything anywhere that anyone with any sense would care about.

    At least you’re still interesting.

    I can’t even come up with a Facebook status lately. Now that’s truly sad.

    I find, at times, I’m stretched too thin and things/people get left on the back burner far too long as I catch up elsewhere. I realized the other day that I hadn’t checked into my football forum since the Grey Cup (makes sense, no?) and I had a kazillion messages, some fairly relevant as friends had moved, etc.

    It’s tough keeping it all going. I’m currently failing but you seem to be on track.

    I think I veered off course here….I recently added an old acquaintance, not really a friend, on Facebook. She keeps making referrals of other friends I might want to add, but of course I don’t. I’m very much the type who keeps going forward and my past is there where I like it. My thinking is that if I’d wanted to keep people in the know about me from 20 years ago, I would’ve already done so. I didn’t then and so why would I now?

    I think I’m a loner. I’m really figuring that out.

  9. Once I started twittering, I found facebook to be boring and static. But my blog is like a limb, an extention of myself. My blog readers probably know me better than anyone. Not that I do a lot of personal blogging but everything is real and true.

  10. Deb: Sometimes you just need a break from things, right. And yes, it is tough keeping up, if you don’t keep up with it regularly it kind of passes the point of, well, there’s no use trying now.

    I’m very conscience of who I add to Facebook. I should probably trim my friend list down. Ha.

    GT: Facebook is the same as Twitter to me. With the live stream now the only difference is that Twittter updates are public, while Facebooks are still within a Network…which shall change soon.

    I still so love blogging, and the comments, I think I’m just a little burnt out. I did post a lot. ;)

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