do you never wonder

Really digging this video…

Sometimes I think the stupidest things too.

Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls

Sorry, won’t embed. Click to watch!



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5 responses to “do you never wonder

  1. Mellowlee

    I am REALLY loving their new CD!!! This song, and two others are on constant repeat on my iPod!

  2. I thought the album was good. No You Girls is my favourite tune, really hooks you!

  3. Mellowlee

    It sure does! It’s kind of funny, but every time I’m listening to them I imagine myself dancing with a big crowd of good friends having the time of my life. Funny aye? haha

  4. I actually haven’t really given this album much of a listen. It didn’t really hit home with me at the first listen and I sort of moved on. I really shouldn’t be so hasty.

  5. Mel: Ha, I do that with some songs too! :)

    Barb: I must admit, I thought the album was just good, this is the only stand out tune for me. I need to revisit it as well.

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