can owls have eye patches? sure.

Dear Reader,

Have I told you about Great Northern? I can’t recall if I posted about them or not…I’m just listening again to their latest album which came out a few months back. So good. If you happen to be in San Francisco, they are playing tonight at Hotel Utah, and Kid Mud is opening for them. Who by the way, you should know about too…click here for more details.

I’m a bit gutted I’m missing Canadian Music Fest this weekend. Sigh. I am happy my tickets got put to good use though.

I’ve been sketching a lot this week. Started a painting too. Trying to get back to me…

How is it we sometimes stop doing the things we love? Life gets in the way, but that’s just an excuse, really. Need to make more time.

Time to drink more tea, cider, laugh with friends, finish that book on the nightstand and turn the volume up and dance in the kitchen whilst making dinner.

Don’t worry, I have tredded slippers. No falling here.

What’s something you’re making more time for in your life these days?



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12 responses to “can owls have eye patches? sure.

  1. serah

    Agreed, about the excuses. I have been feeling exposed on this grey and rainy day. All I want to do is crawl back into bed (oh the sorrowful joys of the truth, when you are not quite ready for it). I really should be crafting, but have found a million other things to distract myself with. It would make me feel better, I know it. Anything would be better than this awkwardness that has been following me around all day.

  2. I have found a great deal to distract myself from doing actual work this weekend. Not good…too much to do. I hope the awkwardness fades for you soon. Got your email…response forthcoming. :)

  3. p.s. bought that necklace i sent you a pic of too!

  4. Mellowlee

    I hear you about life getting in the way! Since Sean and I parted ways I’ve been painting again sporadically when I’m feeling well enough.

    Omygoodness I am really love the Great Northern. I’ve listened to it a full three times since receiving it!!!!! This will be my in transit song for the next week or two. The new Franz Ferdinand has been on there since getting it; time to switch it up a bit.

    Huzzah for dancing in the kitchen :O)

  5. strawberry-blondie

    This post really hits home for me, too. I know just what you mean about making time for the things you love that have somehow slipped off your radar.

    Glad to hear your rediscovering your passions again!

  6. Mel: It nice to find time for you again, isn’t?

    I’m glad you’re liking the album. I thought I had sent it out to you before, my mistake! At least you have it now. :)

    Ali: Its hard to find the balance, since out care free university life style is no more. But great once we do. :)

  7. I find I’ve been neglecting blogging (which I love) lately and reading an actual book. Somehow it seems positively sinful to sit down and read a book during the day. Why is that?

    I’ll glad to hear that you are making time for yourself again.

  8. I have been slacking in the blogging department too…but reading a book in the middle of the day is grand! Sometimes you just need to read. :)

  9. I really agree Allison. Reading a book in the middle of the day is one of life’s truest little pleasures. And you know perhaps its a good thing that we do that. Heck, ignore the blog a little and feed your imagination I say.

    So glad to hear you are following your inner muse with the painting. It’s certainly something I have always wanted to do and you might have just convinced me. I’m taking a couple “mental health” days this week and it might be the perfect medicine. :)

    Be sure to share you art.

    I dare say, Spring may be in the air!


  10. Yeah, in order to blog, really, one does need to feed their imagination. Because no one cares what you ate for lunch. ;)

    Painting really relaxes me. You should try it! I am trying to get back into it full swing. I used to paint/sketch a lot. Its slowly coming back to me. I might share…if the mood fits.

    Spring hasn’t quite arrived here weatherwise, but the rebirth of energy has! :)

  11. Liz

    Uggggh! I missed great northern on Saturday. I think I need to make more time for Great Northern…

    In reality, I am making more time for sewing. I am trying to teach myself even though I am horribly impatient and want to be a master seamstress within a week. But my kitchen curtains are coming along, slowly. And I just signed up for an upholstery class…let’s just jump in with 2 feet!

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Keep up the painting, fellow blogette.

  12. They are defintely one of my new favourites. So in love with their new record.

    I’m a horribly impatient knitter, so I know what you mean. Its hard to teach yourself a new skill, kudos to you on signing up for upholstery class! I hope it goes well. :)

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