higher than high, lower than deep

Since I’ve arrived in town people have been asking me a lot of the standard getting to know you questions. Having moved around so much I’ve gotten my life story down to a two line synopsis. However, a new question (asked almost daily) has been thrown into the mix.

Do you ski?

The first time someone asked me this I gave an off the cuff answer of “No, I’m too accident prone to ski. I trip over air.”

They laughed.

I then assured them I was being entirely serious.

They laughed some more.

I smiled, but wanted to say:

“I’ve been here just three weeks and in that time I’ve thrown out my back, my knee has made close friends with the ice, and now have a sprained rotator cuff from lifting museum artifacts. So no sir, I do not ski.”

I’m thinking about buying real estate near the hospital. Either that, or purchasing a hoveround as soon as possible.



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8 responses to “higher than high, lower than deep

  1. A sprained rotator cuff? Ouch, that’s not fun.

    Do not, under any circumstances, let them peer pressure you into skiing.

  2. Don’t listen to Barbara! Skiing’s a ball. Besides, that’s what crutches and hip replacements are for.

  3. Barb: No fun at all. Agony getting dressed and putting on a coat. Oi.

    Oh, I know better than that.

    John: Haha! Well, I’d rather like to keep my record of broken bones at zero. :)

  4. strawberry-blondie

    Skiing is the devil’s passtime if you’re clumsy. Strapping long implements to your feet and rocketing down a mountain is just plain terrifying if you’re accident prone!

  5. My vote is for hoveround. Could you take it on the slopes?

  6. Allison

    Ali: Yes it is. I have been skiing before, but in my youth, when I was less clumsy. :)

    Karen: Hmmm…I never thought of that. Perhaps there are changable wheels, like snow tires. ;)

  7. I’m almost afraid to ask:

    What is a hoveround, a robtic vacuum cleaner?

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