Makes some beats with the click of a mouse…or finger.




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9 responses to “bam!

  1. Very cool Allison. Oddly playing my name is not very musical, your name very melodic.

    This may command some revisits.


  2. But they both end on the same punch! :)

    Try with your full name, I found using my middle names was quite humourous. Definitely a revisit.

  3. Mellowlee

    ha ha, I love it!!!!!!!

  4. Oh NO! I’m going to be stuck on here all day! It’s a trap for all of us frustrated drummers in the crowd.

    Very nice displacement activity find, my friend!

  5. I’m still getting a kick out of it. I love how some keys are just loud words! :)

  6. Sweet, you put that in for a typist, didn’t you? Very cool. Time will be wasted on this.

  7. Just for you!

    Its probably a good thing my work computer doesn’t have speakers. ;)

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