hard water

Hello friends, how have you been?

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo.  Like everything else in life, it ebbs and flows.

Kind of at the point where my head is so full, its empty. If that makes any sense.

Things here are busy, oh, and as some of you have read, I even made the front page of the paper…which I’m still chuckling about. Such a horribly written article. So bad, it was good. I’m also busy working on projects this weekend too, but in the meantime here is a picture of Skeena, the Lab/Husky I’m taking care of.




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13 responses to “hard water

  1. Skeena is lovely, such a big dog. I’ll bet she can take you on some incredible walks.

  2. She is a great dog, and yes, took me for a walk last night!

  3. sometimes the dog wags its tail, and sometimes the the tail wags the dog… ugh, lol, ok – I remember this one time as a little kid, we were out in the country at our babysitter’s place and we were all walking her dog [my brother, sister and I] – the moment it saw something it would try to go chasing after it. Needless to say it sometimes took us all to keep it from getting away.

    Hopefully you’ve got more control over that one. It looks like a fun dog. :)

    Oh, right, who owns the dog?

  4. Yeah, Skeena has a tendency to bolt. I think that’s part of the reason my shoulder is a bit wrecked these days, from her tugging on the leash. But she is fun!

    My roommate owns the dog, but he’s away until next week, so I’m looking after her.

  5. strawberry-blondie

    What a beautiful dog! It must make exploring your new home town even better with a dog to accompany you. Congrats again on the newspaper story! Badly written or not, it’s still very cool, and you couldn’t ask for a better souvenir from your adventure!

  6. She is gorgeous. Beautiful green eyes too.

    True, I have a feeling its just the first of many souvenirs I’m going to take with me. ;)

  7. Aw!! Such a cute pup. Your place looks really nice too from the looks of it! I’ve lost my blogging mojo as well, sighhhh.

  8. She’s a sweetie. I’m enjoying her company.

    Yeah…I’m hoping it’ll resurface, but right now just a little bit blah.

  9. OK I admit it took me a few minutes of staring-very-hard to tell there is a dog in that picture. But now that I can see it, I must say she is very purdy!

    And hope your blogeddy-mojo returns soon. I know how much it sucks to lose it =(

  10. so bad it’s good huh? Would you dare post a link?

  11. BAP: Picture too dark? Or did I misread sarcasm? Well, glad you saw it. :)

    Hope so too.

    GT: Never.

    But one might happen into your inbox. ;)

  12. serah

    I hear ya! I’ve been spending so much time in the back and forth daily message delivery that – nothing much else seems important. (I am still standing on the safe side of the line in the sand). Life feels to personal not postable. You should have a boo though, there is something new up finally…also see the sidebar “Dreaming of Austin”…

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