i’m just pulling on a line, on a line…and sometimes it pulls on me

what do you think is the most used utensil?

i reckon the spoon.

i’m listening to the new great lake swimmers album. so pretty.

everything is moving so fast. i am unlimited.

reminds me of home. i’ve been trying to remember how i felt when i moved to england, wondering if the same emotions surfaced. i actually went back and read a few of my archives. bittersweet.

“Do you have the saying ‘on cloud seven’ in English?”
“No, we say ‘on cloud nine’.”
“Interesting, in German we also have this saying about the seven layers of sky.”
“In English there’s a man in the moon.”

i heard from my friend anna this weekend. she moved back to germany half way through my stay in newcastle. she’s one of my musical soulmates. we had such great discussions about life, art, language… i missed corresponding with her. i was thrilled to see her name pop up in my inbox and the list of questions that followed.

well, i’m up the wooden hill to bedfordshire. don’t think i can take jimmy fallon on late night.

songs of the minute: great lake swimmers – she comes to me in dreams & pulling on a line



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12 responses to “i’m just pulling on a line, on a line…and sometimes it pulls on me

  1. I should like to specify, *wooden* spoon as not only does it have many kitchen-related uses but can also be given as booby prize for coming last place and therefore has most excellent symbolism.

    Hope you’re settling in well

  2. strawberry-blondie

    Definitely the spoon. Remember the time we stayed at that crap hotel in Brighton and used the tea spoon to slice cheese so we could have cheese and crackers? That’s why the spoon is king. At least for those who pack whole blocks of cheese with nothing to cut it – but that’s pretty much everyone, right?

  3. Karen: Ah yes, the wooden spoon. Good call. I was once chased by my Grandmother with a wooden spoon. I was attempting to run away.

    Ali: Haha! I had forgotten about that. Good times, good times that trip was. :I Why did I have a block of cheese with me? Oh, I think I brought it to feed myself at your flat, and then probably didn’t eat it so it came along. ;) Yes, the spoon is king.

  4. strawberry-blondie

    You brought it along in your purse. I just assumed you always had a block of old English cheddar with you. ;-)

  5. Allison

    Well, normally its a block of Monterey Jack. ;)

  6. Such pretty songs, lovely! Tony Dekker has the most achingly beautiful voice. New GLS is always cause for celebration.

    I don’t think there is any arguing against the reign of the spoon, although personally I would be hardpressed to give up my favourite chopping knife.

  7. Allison

    I’m surprised how much I’ve been enjoying the album. Shall zip it to you soon.

    Big knifes scare me a bit, but are essential at times. As I discovered the other day slicing a yam. It was a mutant one though. ;)

  8. Hmmm, a spoon is pretty useful (for soups and things). But with a knife, you can carve a spoon out of wood. Therefore, a knife trumps a spoon. :)

  9. Allison


    You know, with a grapefruit spoon I bet you could do some serious damage too. ;)

  10. Most used utensil – you’re so quirky.
    I like the GLS

  11. Eve

    Ok So I vote Fork.

    Only because it can be used as a spoon in certain situations, if you don’t mind scooping quickly! For example, yogurt with a fork is something I do quite often. You can also do rice with a fork. Probably not soup though, although I shouldn’t really be arguing against myself…doesn’t really help my point ;-)

  12. GT: Apparently. :)

    Eve: I am currently eating yogurt with a fork. ;) I always eat rice with a fork too, it never occurred to me to eat it with a spoon. You may be onto something!

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