billiwack, bailiwick


Word used repeatedly this week by my boss, describing the mess of our collection room.

“Well, that’s  your billiwack!”


I just Googled it and apparently its some sort of “monster.”

However, I like to refer to my accessioning nightmare as “The Enemy.”

Interesting words as of late?

I started kicking The Enemy in the ass today. Operating under the policy if the artifact does not have a number, or a “to be accessioned” tag – it gets disposed of.  Yes, I love typewriters but we don’t need twelve. Especially when they don’t have specific significance, and we don’t have the room to store them on site (yes, i may de-accession one into my hands… ;)).

Before today I was unable to walk into the collection/storage room. Now things are on shelves and you can move between rows a bit better. Basically took the chaos, and tried to make it organized chaos. My hope is to make the organized chaos, organized. Tomorrow a consultant is coming in and I’m hoping after he gives his recommendations, I can compare them with my thoughts and then I’ll be able to actually start what I was hired to do.

Yeah, so been a busy week. On the plus side after work I went to the pub and tried a new kind of cider.

Always a silver lining.

How’s your week going?



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15 responses to “billiwack, bailiwick

  1. As much as I like billiwack. Perhaps he is from Chilliwack. But surely he must mean-

    bail·i·wick (bl-wk)
    1. A person’s specific area of interest, skill, or authority. See Synonyms at field.

    Then again… I could be wrong.

    Sounds like you are adapting well. :) It’s officially “Sprinter” around here now. You know how the season can’t decide which it should be.

    Then again meteorology is hardly my ‘billiwack’.

    ;) s

  2. That makes much more sense (I updated the title).

    However, I even asked him to spell the word he was using and its how I posted it. Funny thing is, how he’s using it – both definitions apply. ;)

    Glad to hear its warming there. Its still very much winter here. About -20 today, but I here spring is lovely so I’m hoping for an early one here.

  3. fearless

    I’m sure he means bailiwick… he just never learned it properly. I had someone say to me ‘for all intensive purposes’ the other day and I said ‘you mean for all intents and purposes right?’, they replied with a curt ‘No!’
    Some people just learn things the wrong way and stick with them, I suppose. Ah well, malapropisms are fun.

  4. That is true. He defintely seems set in his ways.

    I’ve heard the phrase “Allusions of grandeur” and raised an eyebrow but still the person stuck with the phrase.

  5. Chuck one of those typewriters in the airmail would you? :)

  6. How thoughtful of the pub to make sure they have a nice selection of ciders for you. Or was this part of your negotiations prior to accepting the job?

    Perhaps you could start a small side business unloading old typewriters on ebay.

  7. Billiwack. That describes nicely a lot of things in my world right now

  8. Karen: Done and done! ;)

    Barb: Ha! I should have made it part of the negotiations…judging by this week I’m going to be hitting the pub a lot.

    Ooh, good idea. ;)

    Gifted Typist: Same here. Same here.

  9. serah

    Mighty brave to go off to small town pub, BC.
    Seriously brave ;)
    This week’s been odd…

  10. Seriously realizing how far away I am from everyone today. At least there is an end date in sight.

    I cannot place a word to this week yet. Sigh.

  11. Billiwack. That is awesome. I am going to use that. A lot.

    And glad to hear your work is going well, too! =)
    My week’s been all right, thanks for asking. Although I haven’t come across any interesting words of late. But a friend of a friend I met yesterday insisted on using the word “macho” as a compliment. Like the way I use the word awesome all the time. Macho.

  12. OMG!! You’ve got the most comments I’ve seen so far… Though the way you type your blog out explains it all =)
    Just going through blogs, seeing how people have laid out their pages. I reckon your page looks quite nice with the side bar the way it is, your header matches the page well.
    Good luck in future – career and blog!

  13. This weekend a waitress offered me a Strongbow and I was convinced my beer was “off” until my tablemate informed me it’s a cider. Apparently it’s common knowledge. I’m such an amateur. I’ve been hearing about cider ever since. God’s mocking me. He’s such a lush.

  14. BAP: It is quite comical. ;)

    Work is tiring, but good, yes. Glad you had a good week. “Macho”, eh? Can’t say I have ever heard that as a compliment…

    Marty: Thanks for stopping by. I’m fond of the header too. :) Best of luck blogging and figuring out a layout!

    John: Surely I’ve mentioned Strongbow (the cider not to try) here before? Well, nevertheless glad you’re on the cider train now…Balmers is the best.

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