your mission, if you choose to accept it…

Actual sentence said to me by my boss today. Who favours the all denim look, and wears an Indiana Jones hat.

Dude, I just drove 6 days to get here. I ain’t turning around.

Although there were a few times today I did think about running for the door. Basically the job description I applied and interviewed for is not exactly what I’ll be doing.

Hired for an Assistant Curator. Shall be Curator.

B I G difference.

The museums archives and artifacts are a complete mess. Imagine the room in your house that is usually piled with crap you don’t let anyone see. Times that by 100 and add objects you can’t lift, and you kind of get an idea of my new enemy.

Plus side, the staff are great, and I’ll get to spend a lot of my time around old cameras and typewriters. Oh and tomorrow I get to meet the press. Being interviewed by the newspaper and radio. Ah…gotta love a small town, eh.

Have you ever taken a job where you bit off more than you could chew?



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12 responses to “your mission, if you choose to accept it…

  1. Always. I’m horribly inept at everything.

  2. You wow me.

    You are currently my inspiration.

    Although it is not curator I’m after….about now, busgirl will work. Still unemployed, but rather happily so. Shhhh, don’t tell.

  3. liz

    i love this post! i used to work in marketing at a small art museum, and ah …. museum people. this sounds like an amazing adventure.

    good luck with all of the press. :D

  4. John: Lies, all lies!

    Deb: Its funny how you become more busy once the full-time job stops, eh? Glad to hear you’re enjoying the downtime. You deserve it!

    Liz: “Ah…museum people.” Pretty much sums it up!

    Thanks, should be interesting. ;)

  5. Haha! Love a small town. Frankly, coming from a small town, I miss that “Look a new person, let’s go interview/photograph/poke at her” mentality. You’ll blow them away with your super curator powers. I’m so excited for you! What a project!

  6. strawberry-blondie

    Sounds like the makings of a heartwarming comedic film — urban girl comes to small town and mayhem ensues while building up to a sweet teary climax… Oh wait, I just saw a trailer for this starring Rene Zellweger! Hollywood is onto you! ;)

  7. Karen: Its hard to get use to! I hope so, must go over talking points with the boss so I don’t sound like a complete fool. ;)

    Ali: Ha! Well, I hope there is no teary climax. Although the small town drama is already starting to enter my office. Literally, town people come and go as they please!

  8. Pretty much every single job I have ever taken feels like I am biting off more than I can chew.

    But Curator? Girl, that is big time. Just think how incredible that will look on your resume. Ignoring the insane amount of work aspect, of course.

    So the press are lining up already. Does this mean I have to take a number now to interview you?

    My niece’s fiance made front page news of their small town paper when he moved there to work for the bank, and if I am not mistaken, they regularly report on what he brings for lunch.

  9. By the time we get to the music exhibition I’ll be able to give a proper interview, so you’ll be in luck. :)

    Hahaha! That sounds about right. Sometimes it feels like I’m in an episode of the Gilmore Girls. ;)

  10. Ah, type writers. As a gifted typist, I am in awe.
    Think of it as an opportunity. It will be more than you asked for but you will learn more and get so much experience.

    Gosh, now I know a curator!

  11. The novelty wears off when you are required to lift them. Repeatedly. ;)

    That’s what I keep telling myself…otherwise I’d cry.

  12. Go to it, spit spot!
    (Sorry, too many encounters with Mary Poppins this week here in Mickeyville…)

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