solid gold

I really hope he wins tonight at the Oscars.



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7 responses to “solid gold

  1. I haven’t watched the Oscars in years and years. Something about celebrities patting themselves on the back. Perhaps I wouldn’t care so much if they still did the oscars but opted not to televise it all. [Sure, I’m a wet blanket, lol].

    Are all of your favorites winning?

  2. I don’t really watch the red carpet, but I think watching the year in film being celebrated. Even if that includes a lot of pimping. ;)

    They had some good montages, which always warms me heart.

    Heath Ledger won, which made me happy. Other than I that I’m just rooting for Mickey Rourke.

  3. Mellowlee

    That…was AWESOME :O)

  4. I know eh! Sad he didn’t win. But Sean Penn was defintely deserving.

  5. The RO was watching the Indepdendent Spirits awards and just howling at Mickey Rourke as well. While I am glad that Sean Penn won the Oscars, I would have loved to hear what Rourke would have said had he taken it. Eric Roberts? Melissa? Gap-tooth? Jesus, the guy is insane!

  6. what a speech! his performance in the wrestler was quite stunning. i would have been happy with either him or penn. both were brilliant performances i thought, and it is difficult to say which was “best” considering that neither actor could have played the other’s part.

  7. Barb: I know, that speech was brilliant. I am glad Penn won too…here’s hoping Rourke is nominated again. :)

    Will: Me too. I was happy with most of the wins, but somewhat surprised with all the Slumdog Millionaire wins.

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