where art thou wildlife?

Well, I have stories and many (many) pictures to share from my journey thus far.

Driven about 3700km, and now residing in Jasper, Alberta. Today we left Calgary and Casa Zombie (more on that later :)), spent the afternoon in Banff, which was lovely and now I’m sitting by the fire and looking out at the Rockies from the window. The drive from Calgary here was amazing. Everyone should do it if they get the chance, and if you like mountains.

The only disappointing part of the drive up here was that we didn’t see any wildlife! They give you a booklet when you enter into the park on the dozen of wildlife you’ll most likely see, and we saw none. None! Many deer and whatnot throughout Calgary but nothing when you get into the National Parks. Quite sad about this. Maybe you’d see more in the summer.

I have a lot of blog catching up to do…hope all is well in the meantime!

p.s. This Inn had an old typewriter in the lobby. I may never leave…or leave with it…



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10 responses to “where art thou wildlife?

  1. They hid the wildlife from you! Those bastards!

    The house is so empty and boring without you two. You need to turn around and drive back here now please. Well, perhaps not while the fire is so inviting…

  2. Aw no wildlife?! What a rip off! I would throw the pamphlet back in their faces! In their faces I say!!

    I can’t wait for pictures & stories!

  3. fearless

    Wow, you know what would go great with that view? Some music from the new U2 album which just leaked…

  4. Gifted Typist: The pictures aren’t going to do it justice, I know.

    Barb: I know! I’m hoping I still might see something on the way to Prince George. Jasper isn’t totally what I expected, Banff is way nicer…but more touristy, I suppose.

    Fleur: Hahaha! I might when leaving the park.

    When I have a chance to upload, there shall be a facebook album. :)

    Fearless: That would go great…except I’m on a crappy wireless signal right now and can’t download. But I shall try, thanks for the heads up!

  5. I never have any luck seeing wildlife, either. And I always seemed to miss the Polkaroo, too. Sigh.

  6. Glad you made it okay, look forward to the photos. :-)

  7. strawberry-blondie

    You should have made a run for it with the typewriter. If there’s one thing you need on long mountain journeys, that must be it!

  8. Actually the only time I was in the National Parks of Alberta, I saw loads of wildlife. Have you tried looking out the window? ;)

    There was an old ad by Newfoundland Tourism that stated “You can’t see the icebergs for the whales.” Now that was false advertising!

  9. Hi Remi: Ah, yes Polkaroo is a hard one to catch. We actually saw a moose on the way into BC, so that was quite a surprise!

    Whitenoise: Shall try to get them up soon!

    Ali: I know, totally. This one didn’t have the handy case like my old one, so not accessible for travel.

    John: D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that? I think it was the time of year.

    Ha! That’s great.

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