one bar

I don’t usually get a wireless signal in my bedroom at my parents house. So no late night blogging, or checking emails from the comfort of my own bed…until tonight. By chance I’m picking it up (of course it starts working when I don’t need it anymore), and I forgot how much I missed typing from my bed.

It has been raining for days now (guess the groundhog was wrong), all of the snow has vanished, which is saying something, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the sound of rain when I’m lying in my bed. Right now, wrapped in my blanket cape with a cuppa tea at my side reminds me of England and the last month or so I was there, I do believe it rained for about 5 weeks straight. I still check roof for leaks. Thankfully, I do not have to  fear floating away in my room now.

What sound or noise do you love?

Besides rain, its laughter, for me.



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8 responses to “one bar

  1. Oooh, yes rain’s a great sound.

    When the sound of silence kicks in with a power failure- that’s good too.

    Howling wind’s another good one.

    A rocking chair creaking.

    A steam kettle. Popcorn. Foghorns. The three chimes that announce a message at the North Sydney/Port Aux Basques ferry terminal. Popfizz. Snowbirds…

  2. Wind and rain = great combo!

    How often in life do you hear foghorns? Just curious. ;)

    Ah, your terminal mention reminds me of the sound that chimes when the Tube doors close. I love that, and the ‘Mind the Gap’ woman.

  3. captainfearless

    That thing that you flip over and it makes a cow noise, love that!

  4. strawberry-blondie

    That little whirring noise the ATM makes when it’s dispensing a thick wad of cash.


  5. Fearless: That reminds me of a toy I had as I kid.

    Ali: Haha! That is grand, better knowing its going to be spent on drinks. ;)

  6. Maybe one of your neighbours just got wireless. They really could have put it in a few months ago.

    Oh yes, the sound of popcorn is grand. Also the little ping that you have a new email.

  7. I was still using our house signal, surprisingly. Very slow, but still.

    Now I’m hungry for popcorn. ;) I love the sound of an incoming text, little ping too.

  8. Rain & laughter are a delicious combination… for me the customized playlists I choose for the occasional foray into late night blogging are divine.

    There are a few owls who nest outside my house and once in a while I can hear their echoing hoots in the distance, it is haunting & lovely when you are half asleep.

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