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8 responses to “paws

  1. captainfearless

    Poor ickle guy…. Glad someone was there to help him out.

  2. I know, made me tear a bit, but yes, glad someone was there to rescue her.

  3. Not tearful, not one bit, no siree. Definitely not. *Sniff*

  4. That breaks my heart. I have been unable to stop listening to horrific stories of people dying in their cars as they try to escape the fires and have not even thought of all the wildlife left to fend.

  5. I did not even think of the wildlife either, until I saw this video. Devastating. I am glad they were able to rescue this guy.

  6. I just read some more about this koala in the paper. The reason he has his had out is because she put her paw into his hand while reaching for the water and his hand was cold and wet from the water bottle. Her paws were burned so it must have felt good and she just kept it there.

    SHe has been rescued and housed with another rescued koala who also has some burns to his paws. Apparently they just keep hugging each other.

  7. I read a similar report, they are going to release her in 5 months or so. I didn’t read about the hugging though, that breaks my heart…in a good way.

    I just read on the BBC that the fires burned around 1.1 million arces. Can’t even wrap your head around that.

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