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If posting is sparse here over the next little while its because I’m trying my best to fit everything in before I leave. This means lots of the teas, and dinners with people, which is great…but also tiring…and I’m still not done packing.

I’m not overly worried about leaving and starting up again, but it seems as though a lot of people around me are. My week has been filled with – “Oh, this big, are you nervous about x, y and z?” Well, I wasn’t until just now, thanks.

Actually – I am worried about dying of boredom driving through Saskatchewan. Worst place you’ve ever driven?

It usually takes a while for me to process things, and yes, I know it’ll be a big adjustment, but so was England, so was Kingston, and so was Vancouver, etc. I’m trying to focus on the adventure/experience side of things, and that’s helping ease any worry I have.

As for right now, I’m wishing I had a house elf that could assist in my packing. Because that would be grand. In fact, I think house elves would make for good sidekicks.




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7 responses to “etc, etc, etc

  1. strawberry-blondie

    I don’t think you should be worried at all. It’ll be great, and adventurous and exciting!

    Although it could only be made better with a sassy little house elf by your side. Although, I thought you feared elves? Is that just Christmas elves specifically?

  2. I think so too, and its not forever, so.

    I fear croshayed elves. And yes, specifically holiday elves…in baskets…with holly. ;)

  3. captainfearless

    Ugh, never drive through Texas, no matter how many people tell you it the fastest route, don’t do it.

  4. Noted. I really have no desire to visit that state. Although we’re driving with Wisconsin and the Dakotas, I imagine that won’t be thrilling either.

  5. If you find a decent supplier of house elves let me know. I’d love one. A brilliant idea.

  6. Driving through Saskatchewan is boring, yes, but you enter into a different mindset after a while. You start having conversations like, okay in another 3 hours we’ll stop for a pee. Time becomes more fluid somehow, and you get into the groove of the road.

    This is going to be a tremendous adventure for you! Actually it will be for me as well.
    Driving through BC though – different story! As the Spousal Unit has been know to exclaim “there is not a single straight road in this entire fucking province!”

  7. Karen: You’ll be the first to know! ;)

    Barb: I hope so. I’m actually looking forward to snapping roadside pictures along the way. Be it boring landscape or not.

    There really are no straight roads in BC, this is true. ;)

    So very excited to arrive in Calgary!! Woo and hoo!

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