note: converse and ice don’t mix

Today my car stereo decided to go on hiatus.

Perfect timing, eh?

I just cannot justify the cost its going to be to replace it, even though the cross country 50+ hour road trip starts Friday. I’m thinking about an ipod with portable speakers could possibly work…that or start practicing my whistling.

So, I’m in need of road games lots of them.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

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7 responses to “note: converse and ice don’t mix

  1. Oh no! I would get the portable speakers, if at all possible. You should be able to use them in the house too, don’t you think? Or maybe plug your laptop into the cig lighter and use that?

    The only games I can think of offhand are the country/city one where you have to start the next country/city with the last letter of the previous. There is also how would win in a fight or who would you rather start a small business with. But after 50 hours those games would drive you insane.

  2. Well, apparently it might be salvageable. Fingers crossed.

    I like the how would win in a fight, or would you rather. :) You’ve reminded me I should take my would you rather, and knowledge cards with me. There are much fun.

    I’m glad we’re breaking up the trip with a pit stop in Calgary. Methinks its going to be needed.

  3. Eve

    Geography! The game is called Geography!

    And I agree, 25 mins of that game and I am done.

    Are you driving w. someone else, because if not I would pay to fix the stereo, or just get the portable speakers. Music is a must!

    Good Luck!

  4. I am driving with someone, but I can’t afford the $300 to fix and replace at the moment. That’s going to be the bill for gas for the entire trip. But I’m having someone else look at it tomorrow. Otherwise, yes, portable speakers! :)

  5. I have definitely driven while listening to my ipod…. but that was before this stuff!!:

  6. Oh, I didn’t mean using headphones while driving. That’s dangerous! ;) All if fixed now, I think so I shouldn’t have to worry.

  7. I’ve looked up to Converse for some while. A number of years ago I think that as a company it had taken their eyes off the ball. For a short time the company’s design wasn’t what it used to be and IME, the quality of the manufacture went downhill. HAVING SAID THAT, now I feel Converse are the best even though they aren’t the cheapest trainers.

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