I just tried in three different browsers to upload a picture on WordPress, but to no avail.

They reformatted how you upload somewhat. Instead of a pop-up window, it takes to you a whole other page and it gets me to the last step and then nope, blank screen. Very frustrating, especially for what was going to be a “Wordless” post.

So I’m boycotting until I can post pictures again.

Good timing too, because I’m off to London for a birthday party and hopefully to have dinner with my brother. I’m not holding my breath on that latter, as he never fully confirmed..with no phone or Internet he is not the easiest person to get a hold of. I’m not sure how he manages. Perhaps he operates fully on a owl system.

Anyway, happy lazy (or productive) Sunday to you all.



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9 responses to “mint

  1. The owl system is the way of the future, don’t you know. Your brother is a visionary.

    I hope you have a lovely, albeit pictureless, Sunday. I’m splitting the difference between lazy and productive today.

  2. captainfearless

    Protip: Go to and upload your picture, click on the bottom where it says advanced linking, copy the url and paste it into your wordpress…. easy, peasy, dopey is better than sneezey!

  3. I talk it so personally when my blog misbehaves like that. Good luck

  4. Dale: And I hope it was!

    Barb: Ha, I’ll be sure to tell him that. Although I fixed his Internet problem, so at least he’s somewhat more reachable now.

    Twas a great day, thanks. Hope you managed to split time perfectly!

    Fearless: I’ll have to test it out, thanks!

    Gifted Typist: I hope whatever the bug was, its gone now. Have pictures to share!

  5. captainfearless

    Yr welcome, skinning cats is my speciality.

  6. Good to know for the future. ;)

  7. So glad you’re back up again. I can relate, oh boy, can I relate

    BTW, I take it personally, not talk it personally, although I probably do talk it personally when I’m not taking it personally.

    Get it? Good

  8. Haha…I think. Yes, I do. ;)

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