after the end of a full day…

Alone, but not really.

The lamp-post brings nothing but good things.

Image Hosted by

Even though those are diner lights…they look like lamp-posts without my glasses.



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10 responses to “after the end of a full day…

  1. captainfearless

    But who is the mysterious silhouetted figure?

  2. Love the picture – what else can one say about lamp-posts at night (even when they are something else) – magical indeed!

  3. They remind me of childhood and possibility. :)

  4. Is that a photo? It’s quite lovely, it looks almost impressionist.

  5. It is. Found on Flickr, some photoshop magic was used methinks. Lovely though.

  6. It does look like a painting. Very evocative

  7. Indeed. Fits my mood this week.

  8. Yes, interesting photo. Reminds me somehow of that James Dean “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” poster.

  9. Yes, I see that. Good observation.

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