So every Thursday from 11pm to midnight I’m glued to the telly watching Ace of Cakes. Does not matter whose house I am at either – I’ve converted my friends. This is what having extended cable does to me, so its probably a good thing I won’t have it anymore.

Anyway, while watching the episode tonight, I started pondering what I would have designed if the possibilities were endless. And really, they are if you’ve ever seen their cakes.

Ideally, I would like a scene from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Preferably the Mad Hatter’s birthday party.

However, I would settle for just a teapot – shaped like a beehive, and some funky cups.

What about you? What would you have designed?



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10 responses to “glue

  1. My wedding cake was my most favourite cake ever…

    It’s the one on the far right with the butterflies. It’s my friend’s company and she totally exceeded my expectations. The cake itself was chocolate and cherry fruitcake. Cake rules. A teapot and cups would be ace. Do it.

  2. haha, it’s so funny, as I was reading your post, all I could think of was how much I would want a cake you’d see from Alice in Wonderland. And then you go and mention it! :P

  3. strawberry-blondie

    Those cakes are gorgeous!

    If you had a beehive teapot, would the teacups bee little bees? That might actually be the best way to drink tea ever.

  4. Karen: I remember you posted some pictures on Facebook. It looked yummy! Chocolate and cherry sounds divine. Hmmm…thinking about cake for breakfast. ;)

    Todd: Hahaha! Great minds, great minds. :) It’d be a fab cake, perhaps someday I’ll endeavor to make it.

    Ali: Totally! I was thinking of having the handle be the bees, but your idea is much better. :)

  5. I had cake for breakfast! A little 100 calorie pack of chocolate cupcakes, it was sooo good.

    I love Ace of Cakes too. Did you see the typewriter?! Amazing!

    As for the cake design, I think I’d like something tropical…like a beach scene with a tiki hut (kinda like my gingerbread house) and tiki torches! And the tiki torches need to be on fire!

  6. Yes, I thought the typewriter was grand!

    They made a very unique sand castle cake last night, it was amazing. I think if you ordered it from them, they’d figure out a way to light the torches! ;)

  7. Those are amazing cakes! I think I would initially be a little confused tucking into a BLT or a bacon and beer cake. I wonder if they make Radiohead cakes? That would be cool.

  8. They can make whatever you wish, it seems! I Radiohead cake, with Thom in his red pants would be grand! :)

  9. They make some pretty incredible cakes, I wouldn’t even know what to ask for but know they’d find a way to do it. The staff is so entertaining too.

  10. Half the charm (no pun intended) of the show is the staff, eh. Definitely makes for fun telly.

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