mr. plough

Have you ever used a snow blower before? Yeah, me either.

Today, however, there was just too much snow to shovel myself out, and I needed back up. The parentals have a snow blower, but its only ever used by my dad because its gigantic (too big in my opinion for our laneway). But he was at work. I did my best to shovel out, ran my errands and came home around lunch in hopes my mother might know how to operate said machine. Nope. So together we tried.

I thought the “Push to Start” button would be a good place. And it was, after we realized it needed to be plugged in to jump start it. Right, then I had to switch gears and whatnot. Clearly labeled by a turtle at one end and a rabbit at the other. Much like the lawnmower. Okay, I think I get this. And this other weird joystick controls the way the snow blows. Right, now lets push it into the snow.

Nothing happened.

The engine was on, the switches (that I could see) were turned on…and yet nothing. It was so anticlimactic. So we turned it off and continued shoveling, and it wasn’t so bad. Machines are overrated, anyway. Yet I’m sure we’ll get a lesson in how to use it later on.



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12 responses to “mr. plough

  1. captainfearless

    Call Mr. Plow,
    That’s my name,
    That name again
    Is Mr. Plow.

  2. Twas my Canadian spelling take on ‘Mr. Plow.’ :)

  3. captainfearless

    Oh I know, I was just singing the song cuz it popped in my head. Wasn’t trying to correct you…

  4. Ah, okay. Sorry, I’m on the defensive today. Yes, the song is in my head now too, as I’ve been YouTubing. :)

  5. The male parental will come home, and turn it on no problem…and then if he’s anything like my male parental he’ll either:
    1) Be really humored at the fact that 2 females couldn’t turn on the snow plough and prance around like he’s the almighty.
    2) Be really annoyed that you had the audacity to touch his beloved plough. How dare you?!?!

    hehe Good luck! Shoveling is good exercise anyway! :)

  6. Today, we needed dynamite to get through the layers of iced over snow.

  7. Malibupineapple: Yes, that’s exactly what happened. And then he insisted on finished the end of the lane (as the snow ploughs just went by) and I got the lesson on how to use it properly in -20 degree weather. Lovely. ;)

    Gifted Typist: We’re supposed to get rain tomorrow, perhaps we’ll have to resort to dynamite too! :)

  8. I have never used a snowblower, never want to either, I have visions of it going crazy on me and ploughing over mailboxes and through basement windows.

  9. I can’t say I’ve ever attempt to use one of that size again. Although because it was so heavy, I knew if I lost control, it wouldn’t go anywhere. ;)

  10. You need the Mr. Plow guy that’s been keeping time with my neighbour.

  11. I’ll have to come over and visit and see what’s up. :)

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