let your mind be carried with the breeze

Was hard to find a good live video of these guys on YouTube, so this a mix and match.



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4 responses to “let your mind be carried with the breeze

  1. Hmmm, I don’t really know anything about these guys, but I liked what I just heard there. We never stop learning.

  2. Its been music education week for me! I heard about them reading an article and they were mentioned as an influence…and then I started youtubing. :)

  3. You never cease to amaze Allison. This is great. The Wipers were truly one of those Velvet Underground type bands that influenced more people than actually bought the records. Kurt Cobain was a huge fan of Greg Sage and that band of his covered them often.

    Isn’t it great to make a musical discovery?


  4. Such a great find, I bought Is This Real? and have been listening to it this week! I can see how they would be a great influence. The article I was reading (about Sonic Youth’s new album), had Moore sighting them as an influence.

    Musical discoveries are sublime!

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