in a town full of rubber plans

When I started my Radiohead education a few years back (yes, I’m slow), everyone told me to start with OK Computer. Well, I finally got around to picking through other albums (besides Pablo Honey and In Rainbows) – and I must say, while OK Computer was quite fabulous, The Bends had me at hello. Its so rich, and elicits wrist twirling, and really sounds like 1995. If you know what I mean. I like that.

Yes, that’s my breaking news for the day. An album released nearly 14 years ago, to great success, is grand.

Now its official.



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11 responses to “in a town full of rubber plans

  1. captainfearless

    The bends is their best for me too.

  2. Isn’t it great when one discovers anew a disc from the past? The Bends is a terrific one to discover as well. Like all of Radiohead’s records it has its distinctive charms and artistic flair that help to distinguish it. Interesting too when you say its so 1995. I was listening to Pavement’s Brighten the Corners cd last night as I walked in the light snow and it immediately took me back ten years. Definitely one of musics magic little abilities.

    Now, since you’re taking votes… Kid A is my favourite Radiohead disc and I never tire of listening to it. Mind you each of their recordings has its own distinctive appeal.

    Your homework for tonight. Listen to Remain in Light by Talking Heads. So very 1980!

    Great post!


  3. I completely adore this video. Once of my favourites ever. May I also recommend…

    Stick with it – it’s brilliant!

  4. Fearless: Its hard to beat.

    Sean: I’m constantly discovering old (new) music, its great listening with a new perspective. I’ve been listening to Pavement a lot as well, I know what you mean.

    Kid A is next on the list, when I’m done with The Bends, I’ll be sure to report back!

    Will do, I’ll get to after breakfast. :)

    Karen: It says “This video is not available for me country” :( Can you give me the name?

  5. No argument from me, The Bends is a fantastic album, and I love that video for Just. What is the man saying, do you think?

    I am continually changing my favourite Radiohead album, because, as Sean said, they each have their own distinctive appeal. Recently I have been hung up on the B-sides and rarities.

  6. I have no clue, eternal mystery. But the video is great. Videos just aren’t that rich anymore.

    They really are very distinct. I think I’ll be spinning this one for quite some time. :)

  7. Bum! It’s the video for the Mark Ronson ‘Just’. A wonderful, but quite respectful, parody.

  8. Ah, great. I shall look it up now! :)

  9. When you swing through Calgary, you can visit with the High Priestess of RadioHead and achieve an even high qualification.
    Ps She mentioned that you’d be visiting.

  10. Indeed, hopefully I’ll be all caught up on my Radiohead education so I can pass the test! ;) Yes, looking forward to it!

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