i’m wondering

On average, how often do you wash a pair of jeans?

This came up over tea today with a friend, who admitted to washing after every wear.

(insert an eyebrow raise)

Every single time you wear a pair of jeans, you wash them? Seriously?

Does this make me extremly filthy, for not? Unless I’m physically rolling in mud, have encountered a spill or whathaveyou, I get a least a couple wears out of them. I thought this was the case with everyone. Huh.

Oh, and Mother Nature, we get it. Please make the snow subside. Please.




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14 responses to “i’m wondering

  1. When they start to stink.

    Isn’t mud by it’s very nature always soft?

  2. Ooops, ignore the apostrophe in “it’s”.

  3. I agree.

    Except when its frozen. Guess they should take it down in winter. ;)

  4. captainfearless

    After 2 wears usually.

    Whitest mud i ever did see.

  5. About once a week, unless I spill something on them, which happens often, sadly. I’m a klutz.

    YES. Snow subside. Please! Although I imagine you’ll get some respite when you move to BC. I think it’s milder there!

  6. strawberry-blondie

    I tend to wash them when they start feeling too loose and need to be shrunk a bit in the laundry. I’d say that happens after 3 wears. Or, if the inevitable spilling of something occurs, of course!

  7. Yeah every wear seems a bit much – they’d be mere threads after a year!

  8. Tell her all that washing is bad for the environment… ;-)

  9. Fearless: Mud is like that year round here. ;)

    Fleur: That’s usually about the same for me too. I tend to spill on my shirts more than anything.

    We are in the midst of a blizzard here – I haven’t seen this much snow since Kingston. After I type this, I’m going to take a picture. Crazy.

    Ali: When they start to get loose is a good gauge. This is reminding me I need to buy more jeans. I try to space out the wearing of my Primark jeans – for fear of tearing. ;)

    Karen: That’s what I said. Threads in no time.

    Whitenoise: Are you getting this blizzard now? Stupid groundhogs! They were right. ;)

  10. I usually get 2 wears out of my jeans, but if I feel they’re a little loose or kinda wrinkly I just throw ’em in the dryer for a few.

    That is kinda crazy to wear them once and then wash ’em! What a silly billy!

  11. I never wash them after every wear… I get a couple of wear before washing them, but I hate it when they become loose. And I also don’t enjoy washing them, since I usually do a load of pants and they take forever to dry. Also, I’ve heard that jeans are not made to be washed every time you wear them.

  12. Malibupineapple: The dryer is such a great invention. :) My thoughts exactly.

    Evelyne: Most defintely not, jean is a very durable material. I imagine it does them good not to be washed all the time. Get more wear out of them!

  13. I definitely get several wears out of my jeans before washing! I mean, isn’t that why we wear underpants?

    Why is it snowing so much there? That’s nutty!

  14. Yeah, unless you’re going commando, several wears it should be!

    I have no idea, but I’d like it to stop. We’re suppose to be getting rain this weekend. That’ll make for a good ice rink. ;)

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