and if the grounds not cold

Did you know that are 666 panes of glass in The Louvre Pyramid?


Well, according to urban legend.

I just wanted a pretty picture to post for my 666th post. That seems like a rather large number for the amount of time I’ve had this particular blog, but on average my entry’s are usually quite short. Yes, that shall quell my mind to thinking I don’t blog that much. Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve learned some valuable lessons. Or at the very least could chuckle at mine.

Have any urban legends to share?



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4 responses to “and if the grounds not cold

  1. captainfearless

    If you go into your bathroom exactly at midnight and turn off the lights and then say “Bloody Mary” ten times nothing will happen, but you’ll feel like a moron for a few minutes.

  2. There was the one about the bbsitter who microwaved the baby …
    But wow! 666. you are prolific.

  3. … and the hook was hanging off the car door handle. See, with some urban legends, you don’t even need to tell the whole story.

    But 666, I am uberly impressed! That is a pile o’ posts, my friend, and every one of them a gem.

  4. Fearless: I bet on the 11th time something happens. ;)

    Gifted Typist: Ha. Na, just easily distracted.

    Barb: Indeed, now I’m intrigued.

    Aw, thanks. Hopefully the next 666 will be just as fun to type. :)

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