Some photographs from my new neighbourhood.


The view from the backyard.


Hudson Bay Mountains.


Twin Falls.


Ah, I can’t wait for spring!



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13 responses to “fresh

  1. Good grief Allison it’s totally stunning! “View from the backyard” is my fav. If I took that picture you’d see a fence and maybe a cat. No mountains.

  2. captainfearless

    Very green. Nice.

  3. Karen: Haha. That one’s my favourite too. I think it’ll be a lovely spring in those parts.

    Fearless: Hopefully the snow melts soon so the green isn’t too far off!

  4. Oh Oh Oh,
    lucky you.

  5. It is gorgeous. I’m starting to get excited. :)

  6. Okay I admit those mountains are freaking me out a bit, but I know you will have many happy hikes in them.

  7. I’ll try to limit the mountain posting when I arrive. ;)

  8. captainfearless

    Please send any unwanted snow my way. :)
    We get green here, but it’s just not vibrant like that.

  9. As you wish!

    Ontario green usually isn’t that vibrant either. Its like UK green, which is grand.

  10. strawberry-blondie

    Beautiful! What a great backdrop for all the ‘you are here’ photos I’m expecting. ;)

  11. Ha! You can count on a few of those. :)

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