cabin fever

I can’t take the snow anymore. Or the cold, cold, cold weather we’ve had all month. We just got another foot two days ago, and its a blizzard outside again.

I don’t ever remember being this irritated by the weather before. I am alone here?

The funny this is, I can handle snow when its not -20C outside. That weather is just not nice to be out in.

I’m just restless, and wish that would go away. Perhaps because I know I have so much to do, the littlest things are an annoyance.

I’ll just start wishing for rain, and then all will be well. Because rain heals all.




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8 responses to “cabin fever

  1. Rain does heal all, except of course when it then freezes overnight and turns the world to ice. I hate ice the most.

    We’re chinooking here right now, so I am hoping that the chinook headaches will result in some melting.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot about that factor. Our laneway is an ice rink and salt doesn’t help because its too cold!

    I hope that things are melted for when I get out there! :) Hope the headaches pass quickly too!

  3. captainfearless

    You need to invent snow shoes with built in snow melting/body warming capabilities, oh and a teleportation device and a time machine while you’re at it.

  4. captainfearless

    …ooh and a stop watch that actually stops time, and pet sharks that can walk upright on the land and a coffee cup that magically refills itself.

  5. captainfearless

    …oooh…ooh and a pocket lightsaber, and a guitar that never goes out of tune (perhaps Ron Popeil can help you with this one, he is the “Set it and Forget it” guy after all), and beard-b-gone spray on temporary beard remover.

  6. Perhaps if I added those heat warming packs to my boots, that would take care of the body warming. Or at the very least they might set me on fire, which would make things toasty. The tea/coffee cup refill could be fixed with some sort of a pulley system…somewhat magical.

    Yes, I’ll be sure to get on those right away!

    However, the pocket lightsaber, guitar that never goes out of tune, and stop watch that stops time could be difficult…and the pet sharks that walk upright. I think dolphins would have better balance.

    We’ll have to see. I’ll get to my workshop. ;)

  7. Fact. you lived in a less snowy climate and moved back here. I almost died from the cold and the snow in those first years. You’re experiencing a difficult adjustment.

  8. I didn’t think it would be this hard. But it so is! Plus, we’ve had a long winter already it seems. Since the first of November. Boo to that!

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