a room for my stuff

Is all I want.

I watch these shows on television filled with excess and decadence and while its nice eye candy, its not what I want, or need. I just need a room for my stuff, with a desk, some shelves, a table for my record player and a corner for my easel.

I opened up my closest today, in an attempt to start packing again. My closest is filled with boxes, marked Kingston, Vancouver, England, Sarnia, etc. Ghosts of my past stacked neatly in colour coded rubbermaids. As I was picking through my things, my eye caught a Polaroid, stuck between a stack of books and some kitchen supplies. I can’t have pictures in frames, for the most part, because glass breaks in a move (lesson learned). It was a picture of my mom and I. I couldn’t have been more than three.

The picture made me smile, but also made me sad. I’m not sure why, but perhaps because as much as I hate to admit it, I’d be nice to have someone scoop you up in their arms hold you and tell you everything is going to be alright. Sure your life may be a series of boxes, friends are shattered all over the globe like confetti, but things could be worse and you just found all your oil pastels, charcoal pens and your old sketch book.

I guess everyone needs a pat on the head every now and again. Today is just my day.




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12 responses to “a room for my stuff

  1. All I want is a big room with built in bookshelves. And a pat.

  2. Ah yes, built in bookshelves the only way to go. :)

  3. … strange, I want to break into songs from My Fair Lady!

    That is a great picture of you and your mom, caught in the action. I can see why it makes you nostalgic. Loverly, really.

  4. I’ve never seen My Fair Lady before…

    I quite enjoy it too. I need to find a proper frame for it, so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle again.

  5. captainfearless

    It’s neat to find old pictures where you don’t expect them.

    You can have my pat if you like as I don’t need one today. Feeling strangely fine.

  6. It defintely is, and I found a stack.

    Thanks. Everything is coming together for me, I shouldn’t need a pat, but packing always puts me in a mood.

  7. I know what you mean. I keep hearing things like “I have 80 pairs of shoes” and it just seems so absurd to me. The things I want in life are the most simple, but they are sometimes the least accessible.

    The polaroid is a beautiful one. One day, when everything is permanent in your life, I’m sure you’ll look back & smile on all of your memories, and appreciate the many places you’ve lived.

    Maybe you can take peace of mind from that, and the knowledge that you’re in a place in life where nothing needs to be permanent right now… If you don’t like it somewhere, you can easily pick up & go somewhere else.

  8. Its frustrating how that works. I can’t wrap my head around the excess in our society sometimes. In many cases, I am glad to have moved so often, but it allows me to purge often.

    That’s very true. Perhaps at some point things will be too permanent and I won’t be able to pick up and just go.

    Thanks for your words. :)

  9. strawberry-blondie

    I feel your pain on the moving front. I’m still living somewhat out of suticases and boxes, although in an act of defiance against my nomadic past I bought an extension to my shoe rack yesterday. Huzzah!

    I think all the moves and the inconveniences and misadventures they generate are character building. You’ll have much more interesting stories later on than if you had just stayed in one place.

    Love the photo, by the way!

  10. An extension for your shoe rack is a big step. No pun intended.

    I hope so. I just hate packing. So much. ;)

    Me, twas a great find!

  11. You could write a novel with that thought:
    A Room for One’s Stuff

  12. I was thinking of writing a short story under that title. Although it reminds me a lot of a George Carlin comedy sketch. ;)

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