right then

So I get this letter in the mail today about my health insurance. After a “review of my application” they’ve approved me, but with Exclusions for: Back/spine, Headaches/migraines and Vertigo.

Basically, anything I’ve ever been treated for.

That is so helpful, isn’t?


So glad I’m paying that monthly premium for when I get a cold, but not when I fall or anything.

Today better upswing.



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2 responses to “right then

  1. Damned right it better upswing!

    I was stunned a few months ago to be turned down for health insurance due to some family histories. So now I am a liability, it would seem. Fuckers, is right!

  2. Starting to a bit. I’m listing…which really is turning into a novella. ;)

    That’s crazy. Its extremely frustrating, as what is the point of paying for a service, if when you really need it – you can’t get it? I’m going to invest in a helmet or something, the rate I’m going. Oi.

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