come on over to my house, i’ll make you buckets of tea

So I have a lead on a sublet.

However, I think its too pricey, for a sublet…but it is furnished, and includes utilities, etc. They said they were looking for a quiet tenant, and I’m not too loud, but I’d hate to have to listen to music with headphones all the time, as there is baby in the ground floor apartment. It looks okay, and apparently its located at the base of the mountain, and the view was pretty gorgeous. Still, I’m going to hold off a week and see if my ad gets any more responses. I’d hate to go with the first place, plus its not available until the first week of March, which would make my hotel bills gigantic whilst waiting.

I’m going to see Inkheart tonight. I know, films with Brendan Fraser should be avoided, but the premise looks too whimsical to pass up on. A bookbinder who when he reads aloud, can bring characters from books into the real world. When I saw the trailer (I haven’t read the books) it reminded me of a short story I wrote when I was in first year university. Plus, I’m in the mood for movie theatre popcorn.

Wow, I’m incredibly boring today. Ah well. I’ll stop myself before I share what I had for lunch.

Song of the Minute: Lovesick – Grand Duchy



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10 responses to “come on over to my house, i’ll make you buckets of tea

  1. fearless

    Well, there will probably be some interesting minor characters in that film at least.

  2. I hope so! I enjoy Paul Bettany and Helen Mirren.

  3. That movie sounds so you and aren’t you sweet – saw you on FB

  4. Furnished is pretty important at this point, I think, but I agree it’s a good plan to wait a wee bit more to see if you get any more leads. I can’t imagine places move too quickly there.

    Is Helen Mirren in that film? Oh I would see it then, I love her.

  5. Furnished is awesome, but I am with you on the having to listen to music on headphones thing.

    And also I’d rather watch Inkheart than Bedtime Stories, which has Adam Sandler in it. Eww. Adam Sandler.

  6. Gifted Typist: It was a cute movie, I enjoyed it. Aw, thanks! I still can’t believe you moved 22 times in 25 years!

    Barb: And I heard of another lead tonight. This one through and friend, of a friend and I think I may go with it. Furnished as well.

    Yes, Helen Mirren plays a supporting role. She’s fab.

    BAP: I think I may have found an alternative, thankfully!

    Hahaha! I actually somewhat enjoyed Bedtime Stories, but that’s because I’m a sucker for a storytale. ;)

  7. Yay, new lead is great news!

  8. Definitely, I’ll know more later today, but I think its a go. Big house, with a dog too. Woot!

  9. I missed the news that you were moving… Somewhere with a mountain? Sounds exciting. :-)

  10. To Northern BC, leave in two weeks! :)

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