It was because I have started listening to music again before I sleep (Handsome Furs).

Or maybe it was food I ate (Cheese and crackers).

Or the last thing I watched on telly (The Simpsons).

Or the last page clicked to on the computer (Facebook).

But I had the strangest vignettes of dreams, this morning. I say this morning as they all happened from about 5am onwards.

In one I was getting ready for a stage production in my elementary school yard. Having a shower in the middle of a field.

In one I can recall a chase with someone sailing a boat, down the street.

In one I remember lots of stairs and then a cliff.

The others were more graphic and filled with people that well, shouldn’t have been there. And also water now that I think about it.

Huh. Peculiar.



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10 responses to “perhaps

  1. captainfearless

    Perhaps it was the LSD I slipped into your drink….

  2. That would explain all the vibrant colours…

  3. LSD aside, I think your brain is in overdrive these days and does not quite know how to gear down.

  4. I think you’re right. :)

  5. I hate to break it to ya, it sounds a little like a porn dream gone wrong.

    You’re coming to this province?!?! Oh my lord, that just increased our value here by about 80 million dollars. At least.

    You are such an adventurer…I’m in awe of you.

    Yes, video of the trip please.

    In absolute awe I am.

  6. Hahaha!

    I am, indeed. But to the far north…near Prince George. But I’ll get to Van for sure. Aw thanks. :)

    Na, I’m just a poor schmuck who needs a job. ;) I will try my best to document the trip. I’m starting to get excited about it, three weeks!

  7. “The others were more graphic…”

    Tucked away like an innocent little sentence.

  8. More graphic – sexual content? violence? Please, don’t answer that. :P

    Dreams are amazing. Good dreams, crazy dreams, scary or confusing. They all rock. You should have tried to get on that ship riding through the streets of town. :)

  9. Allison – I think you’ve got all the elements of your first surrealist film right here! You just need to flesh out a few themes and we’ll be seeing you at Cannes in no time.

    I was intigued by your comment about playing music when you sleep. I find I only dream when I am not listening. Perhaps I should try the cheese and cracker combo to mix things up a bit.


  10. John: Indeed, that’s how I roll. ;)

    Todd: Then don’t ask. ;)

    I know, but it was just moving too fast. I had weird dream again last night. Too many things on my fracking mind. ;p

    Sean: Haha, no doubt. I think that’s why I had weird dreams again last night because I was watching the NFB website.

    I used to always listen to music before I went to bed, but haven’t in a long while. That’s interesting you say you only dream when not listening. The brain works in mysterious ways!

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