it wouldn’t be my life if my phone number stayed the same for six months

So, I have to sell my concert tickets, stop my French lessons, and abandon my pottery class…because I was just offered a curator position at a museum in British Columbia and they want me to start next month.

Apparently all I needed to do to secure employment was to start living my life here.

Its way north, too, which is kind of scary. Oh, and I’m driving cross country. Expect a video blog of that.

More later, too tired from my excusion to write anymore.



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13 responses to “it wouldn’t be my life if my phone number stayed the same for six months

  1. CONGRATS ALLISON! What an awesome score. Maybe I can e-teach you French. On commence demain! Just kidding :)

  2. Hehehe! Thanks Fleur, and for your help the other day. I have to reply to your Facebook message. :) I am actually really bummed about having to stop French classes. Well, at least the language isn’t going anywhere. ;)

  3. captainfearless

    Congratulations, I’m sure someone in BC can teach you French.

  4. Thanks. Hopefully so, perhaps not where I am going, but around. The farther West you move in Canada the least likely you are to hear French spoken (at least in my travels).

  5. Congratulations on the job! Awesomeness. Museum curator was my dream job from about the ages of 13-15, so yeah =)

    Selling the concert tickets sounds like a bit of a bummer though. =(

  6. Well, I already posted on your facebook, but I will do so here as well – Congrats! :D And look at that, I got a spot in your quotes. :P Smithers indeed. hehe

  7. AWESOME. What a great job. Perfect for you yes? New jobs rule. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Well done you x

  8. BAP: Thank-you. Art curator is my dream job, but this one is a step towards that! :)

    Yeah, a complete bummer, especially because I just bought them and was super excited. Being a grown up sucks. ;)

    Todd: Haha, thanks! Looks like my Facebook exploded, I had 20 messages when I woke up. I love that quote, I’d never thought of it like that. :)

    Karen: Its only a contract position, so I won’t be out there forever, but its a step in the right direction and the experience is invaluable. I hope I have internet up there, so I can tell you guys all about it!

  9. Of course from a strictly personal and selfish point of view, I am so thrilled that I will get a chance to finally meet you on your cross country expedition. And on a less self-centered note, you know that I am extremely happy that you have snagged a job that will be an important step on your way to your dream career. And the fact that you are willing to go the wilds shows how much courage and gumption you have.

    I hadn’t considered that you would not be able to make it to that great concert though, THAT is a tragedy.

  10. OMG! WOW!!!! Well done you! Congrats!!!!!
    That is an amazing oportunity, and BC is beautiful.


  11. Will

    Hey Allison – this is a good thing, yes? If so, then let me offer many heartfelt congratulations!!!

  12. Wonderful wonderful news. Is that the one that you almost had but for the funding?

  13. Barb: More than a chance! We mapped out the route and plan a stop over in Calgary for certain. More details later. :)

    I am happy that the job is short term, and will provide a good stepping stone. I realized how in the wilds it was today, trying to secure housing.

    Not being able to go to the concert is sucky, perhaps I’ll be able to make it to the Folk Fest this year though? ;)

    Malibupineapple: Thank-you! I’m pretty chuffed, its slowly setting in. Running around today doing so many errands helped. Three weeks is not that far off!

    Will: Yes, this is a good thing. Perhaps I should have used more exclamation points in my post – I am happy. :)

    Gifted Typist: Yes, this is the one with the funding dilemma. Thankfully, all of that was sorted!

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