living off a teacup full of cherries


I went to the eye doctor today, and learned I am closer to my dream of becoming Mr. Peanut getting a monocle. Soon, but not yet. Blast.

I love when they shine the lights in your eyes, flip the lens about and ask, “better or worse?” And by love I mean hate.

Then when then announce what you’ve already confirmed – that your eyes are slowly getting worse (damn you, astigmatism). You noticed this already because late at night you have to squint to see street signs, and because from far away tongues get mistaken for goatees.

I blame the computer. However, at least I get some new specs from the deal.

Another highlight from the visit was when the doctor announced my left eye was severely scratched (I’m blaming the dust on this one), and then said perhaps I am allergic to Sarnia.

Again, already confirmed.

Most people hate the dentist, I dislike the eye doctor.

Oh, here’s a new track from The National – up only for a limited time – so click to! So Far Around The Bend.



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11 responses to “living off a teacup full of cherries

  1. captainfearless

    I think you should go with the monopoly guy look rather than Mr. Peanut. Well, Mr. Peanut is rather curvacious… hmm….

  2. WE’re astigmatism sistas. I have glasses with three levels of correction. I’ve never considered a monocle but now that you mention it ….

  3. Fearless: I gotta say, along with his figure, I love the shoes. So Mr. Peanut it is. ;)

    Gifted Typist: The eye doctor actually explained what exactly astigmatism was to me today, so that explained quite a bit for me.

    Monocle is the way to go, I tell you!

  4. You know you would rock a monocle, but it does lose a little something without the top hat and watch chain.

    I hate all those decisions that they force you to make at the eye appts too. I tend to say uummmm a lot.

    My eye appt today was quite illuminating, which I shall share tomorrow after my pupils have finished dilating.

  5. strawberry-blondie

    As has already been noted, you can’t wear a monocle without an accompanying top hat and cane. Of course, knowing how much you aspire to have a top hat, I don’t think you have to worry!

  6. I find the eye doctor absolutely hilarious. Just something about having a stranger’s face that close to me really makes me want to laugh. And I know I shouldn’t which makes me periously close to full on shoulder shaking and spitting while trying not to laugh. Which would be bad.
    Ace that you got new goggles though, goggle shopping is great.

  7. Barb: Well, I have the top hat, and I hope to soon find my pocket watch. ;)

    Me too.

    Yes, from the sounds of your email it seemed rather painful. I’m wearing sunglasses in the house now because I have a wicked migraine.

    Ali: I have top hat – remember the Ninnies? I still have it in my closest. :)

    Karen: It is rather unnerving sitting that close to a stranger. Sometimes I have to stifle a laugh too.

    I love looking for new specs. There are so many options, its quite fab!

  8. Mr. Peanut? You could end up looking like Colonel Klink. (Or was that before your time…)

  9. Stop sticking your finger in your eye!

  10. Whitenoise: Hahaha. No, believe it or not, I got that reference! :)

    Coyote Mike: I know, I know. ;)

  11. eye doctors are specially helpful whenever you have some eye problems ~’.

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