you know that life is a thing of wonder

Canadian Musicfest 2009 is the second week of March, in Toronto.

For $35 I am going to see Bloc Party, Handsome Furs, Chad VanGaalen, Malajube, Cuff the Duke…and many more. But definitely those acts, as they do not have conflicting schedules.

Fuck yeah!

I can barely contain my excitement. I was contemplating using caps, I’m that chuffed.

This is one of my favourite songs off Face Control, the latest Handsome Furs album – Thy Will Be Done. Live with your boyfriend Jian Ghomeshi.



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7 responses to “you know that life is a thing of wonder

  1. WHAAAAAA??????? That’s fantastic, I am so pleased for you. What a great lineup and that’s only the non-conflicting ones!

    I would be insanely jealous if you weren’t so nice.

    And I am really enjoying the new Handsome Furs – thanks.

  2. That is a truly awesome line-up there! Have fun, dude.
    Bloc Party. Fantasticness.

    Mogwai actually had a gig here very recently. Yesterday, I think. Or is it tomorrow? Doesn’t matter, cause I have to pass. Tickets are so so so not cheap =(

  3. Barb: I know, so fabulous isn’t???? :) Its been a few years since I’ve seen Cuff the Duke and well I’ve been waiting quite a while to see the rest. Ah, should be good times!

    Glad you are enjoying Face Control. Its still going strong in my stereo too.

    BAP: Thanks, I hope to. I would have rather seen Bloc Party tour on another album, but hopefully they play a lot of older songs too.

    Sucks when an artist you really want to see has spendy tickets. There is always next time. :)

  4. captainfearless

    Um, I broke up with Jian months ago…

  5. Oh yes, I would imagine so. Apologies!

  6. Will

    Lucky lucky you. Very exciting. I can imagine Handsome Furs put on a good show, as well as Bloc Party. I need to listen to that Handsome Furs album – I do love Dan’s voice.

  7. Well, my excitement was short lived. I’m moving cross country, so no concert for me. But yes, do listen the the Handsome Furs new disc – its brill!

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