and when the planet hit the sun

Verbose, they are not.




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8 responses to “and when the planet hit the sun

  1. Ahhhhhh! That was the perfect thing to hear this morning! Thank you.

    We were so thrilled when Frank Black actually played a bunch of Pixies songs at his concert here a couple of years ago. He may deny it all he wants, but of course that’s what people want to hear. The Pixies concert that preceded that sold out in nanoseconds.

  2. Welcome! I’ve been in a Pixies mood this weekend.

    Was it the LiveAid concert in London a few years back that they played at? I remember watching that on TV and thinking there concerts must sell out in under a minute. Glad you got to see Frank in concert though. I remember you posting about that. :)

  3. Pixies actually played Calgary about 4 or 5 years ago, during their 10 second reunion. I did not manage to get tix.

  4. It’d be a hard ticket to secure methinks. Have to know someone who knows someone. ;)

  5. captainfearless

    I saw them on their reunion tour twice. Amazing live. Tickets weren’t hard to get in Arizona took a few days to sell out.

  6. I’d imagine it’d be quite a show. Hopefully there shall be another reunion, someday.

  7. captainfearless

    I think all I need is a Stone Roses reunion tour and my list of bands that have broken up and all their members are still alive and have reunited and I got to see them will be complete.

  8. Haha, I like that list. Pavement is on my list, and there are rumblings of a reunion there. I’m sure they’ll be a Stone Roses one…perhaps not in the US though. Reason for you to visit England perhaps. ;)

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