and we walked past a hockey game on the pond too

I did an activity today that made me feel such the stereotypical Canadian image.

I had never done such activity before.

Had I been eating peamael bacon whilst doing it, I probably could have made it into a Molsen commercial.

Oh wait, I wasn’t wearing plaid. Wouldn’t have made it.

Guesses…if you can’t tell from the photo?


What did you do this weekend?



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13 responses to “and we walked past a hockey game on the pond too

  1. captainfearless

    Drove a snowmobile?

  2. No, those things terrify me. My luck I’d crash into a tree.

    Perhaps you can’t tell from the photo…kind of like walking, but not.

  3. Are those like snowshoe prints, by any chance? I am very extremely unfamiliar with snow and the things Canadians do in them.

    And I spent the weekend making a bunch of mixed CDs for people, which is always fun =)

  4. captainfearless

    Ah, snowshoes? that was my first inclination but when I enlarged the picture it seemed more like a tire track…

  5. strawberry-blondie

    Awesome! How was it? I’m guessing it’s quite a good leg workout. Kind of like cross country skiing…but cooler.

  6. BAP: “I am very extremely unfamiliar with snow and the things Canadians do in it.” Hahaha! Well, you guessed right, perhaps not to unfamiliar. :)

    Making mixes is always fun and a good way to pass the time!

    Fearless: Yep, snowshoes. I think that line is the from the end of our showshoes overlapping.

    Ali: It was actually so much easier than I expected – waaaaay easier than cross country skiing. My knee isn’t bothering me today, so not too much of a workout, but a bit.

    Its funny, I didn’t expect to sink as much as we did, but that’s because it was fresh snow and we got like 2 feet, so the little dip you see above isn’t too bad. Perhaps we can try it in the Alps next xmas? ;)

  7. Good for you in embracing your inner Canadian in such a traditional way! It actually looks kinda fun too. I’m not sure exactly at what age we begin to look at snow with disdain but its kinda sad. I look out the window and sigh and my eleven year old son looks out the window with breathless awe…

    Time we all started to pretend we were 11 once in a while.

    Bring on the blanket capes!


  8. I think because its just been way too cold here that the disdain is hard to stifle. It warmed up yesterday (somewhat) so the snow looked appealing in the warmish sun. And it was, but we only lasted about 30-40 mins. I can remember as a kid staying outside for hours. Probably because we were dressed properly back then. :)

    Hope your son is enjoying the latest snowfall. I think we got hit more than you guys, almost three feet, it seems.

  9. I haven’t snowshoed in a few years, but actually used to do a fair bit of it as a kid at my friend’s cottage. I would imagine it taxed your poor damaged legs a fair bit!

    I went for a long walk yesterday, as it was so nice here, but had to clamour over frozen snowbanks and across ice under water on sidewalks and pick my way through half-defined paths. It was challenging.

  10. I wasn’t in the lead, so I have a path to follow which helped a great deal. I thought it didn’t hurt, but I am feeling it a bit now, especially in my upper thighs.

    Ah yes, the downside to everything half-melting. Glad you guys are seeing some warmer weather though. I’m hoping our deep freeze is almost over!

  11. serah

    How lovely. Snowshoes! I did it once when I was a child. It’s a fond memory.

    I fell due to ice for the first time this winter – legs straight out, flat on the ass fall.
    I’m okay. My arms and neck hurt the most. I guess it’s all the practice falling down the stairs.

  12. I went out for a curry. Very Canadian, that.

  13. Serah: It was a fun time. I’m glad to have tired them out.

    Ouch! Been there, done that. Glad to hear you’re okay thought, rest up and watch out. Can’t have you hurt! :)

    Gifted Typist: Indeed, it is. ;)

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