lost, and never found

I lost my memory stick somewhere between Thursday and this morning. In transit I am most certain, on the way to print off documents.

I don’t know how I have managed not to loose the two inch piece of plastic before this, to be honest. But it stayed with me throughout many moves, until now. Unfortunately, it had the contents of my old computer on it, which was basically all of my old writing. There was quite a bit of it. You’d think over the past three years since I’ve had my laptop I would have transferred the files from the memory stick over. No, that would have been too easy. Just about as easy as it was to clean (and delete) the contents of my old hard drive, so it could be of use to someone else.

(insert swearing and fist shake).

This is why I want my old typewriter back. I never loose printed documents.

Lost or found any objects recently?



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6 responses to “lost, and never found

  1. How awful! I really hope it turns up, between the car seats or something (which is where I lost my credit card many years ago).

    And I really must backup some of my stuff. The big one will happen sometime.

  2. Me too, but so far no luck.

    I have backed up stuff on my external hard drive, just this little memory stick never. Another, lesson learned!

  3. Lost my cozzie at the pool on friday. Went to Lost and Found today and it was there. It’s true.

  4. Good to have something to still believe in. :)

  5. strawberry-blondie

    I hope it turns up! Those little guys are far too easy to lose. I had one that cleverly doubled as a key chain and I still managed to lose it. Not the keys, just the memory stick to which they were attached. Sigh.

  6. Me too. See, here I was thinking that if I attached it to my keys I wouldn’t loose it. ;) Guess there are no guarantees.

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