revolutionary road

will depress you.

i made bread pudding for the first time ever (whole wheat and white bread, apples, cinnamon, eggs, raisins, sugar) and it did not depress me.

so good. really. so good.

best and worst parts of your day?



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7 responses to “revolutionary road

  1. I understand the boat sinks.

    JK, Revolutionary Road looks both incredibly good and incredibly depressing. I can see it having the power to make one scrutinize their own marriage.

    I don’t believe I have ever eaten bread pudding. Is there brown sugar in it?

    Dealing with bureaucrats = worst (hey I just spelled bureaucrats right for the first time in my life!), best = watching Mantracker with the family units.

  2. Yes, it was very good, but so depressing. Can’t say I really want to enter into marriage after watching it. Both actors were quite brilliant.

    Ah yes, it does, I forgot to add that in the post. I was surprised at how well it turned out.

    Mantracker – the 1920s Western? Well done, film family!

  3. Actually, no. There’s a Canadian tv show that the Spousal Unit got me watching, where two guys on horseback track a couple of “fugitives” 20 kms through mountains and bush and such, trying to catch them before they reach the end. It’s strangely fascinating.

  4. Ah, I see. I was going to say, how’d you get a copy of that? ;) I shall have to look out for it.

  5. “I understand the boat sinks” chuckle chuckle Barb!

    Bit late on this one but worst part of today = really really really badly wanting bread pudding and not having any so thanks for that :)

  6. Oh man, bread pudding is amazing! I had some on New Years Eve and my word to describe it was obscene!

    Annnnd, I was kinda dissapointed in RR. Great acting, but it was kinda eh.

  7. Karen: Ah, well I’m sorry for bringing that up. I’d ship some to you if I could. :)

    Malibupineapple: I was quite surprised how good it was!

    Yes, it was great acting, but I’d have to agree with the “eh” comment.

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