one day you’ll look back, you’ll say, i did that…for someone


In the middle of the journey of our life,
I found myself again in [or through] a dark wood,
[so dark] that the straight way was utterly lost.
Alas how hard it is to say what it was like,
this savage and sharp and strong forest,
which even in thought renews my fear!
So bitter was it that death is little moreso;
but in order to speak of the good that I found there,
I’ll tell of the other things I saw there.

The Inferno, Canto I



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3 responses to “one day you’ll look back, you’ll say, i did that…for someone

  1. God, that’s lovely and sort of frightening too.
    Been there.
    Done that.

  2. That poem and picture does fill one with some fear, but it also got me thinking about how the forest used to be the dark ominous void. I suppose if one got lost in the forest, it still would be terribly frightening, but generally, there are much scarier things about which people pen poems now.

  3. GT: Lovely and frightening, is the best way to describe it. :)

    Barb: The Inferno is one of my favourite books, I try to reread it every now and again. I was tempted with posting the last Canto, but didn’t.

    Its true. Although I still find a well written story or poem about the forest, and all that it entail, quite unnerving, in its simplicity.

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