i once managed to burn rice krispies

I like to bake. I also like to cook, but a prefer to bake.

I covet the Food Network and recipe books for new ideas all the time, and on occasion experiment. Sometimes this works wonders. And sometimes, like tonight, it does not.

Dinner was great. Maple BBQ Salmon, asparagus and sweet potatoes fries. Although the fries had a little too much seasoning, all was not lost and we readied ourselves to make dessert.

Well wandering the cookie aisle earlier in the day (and deciding no to buy a whole box of Le Petit Ecoliers) but still wanting something something waffery, we settled on making a dessert with Ladyfingers, pudding (is it just me or whenever you make pudding do you hear Bill Cosby’s voice?) and chocolate moose.


And yes, it was to make. Too easy. Our mistakes came in buying fat free instant pudding and not letting things chill properly. Oh, it was bad. Even the most decorative display could not save it. I should post the pictures. It took me until about an hour ago to fully digest it. I think I’ll settle for arrowroots and tea tomorrow. Or something light, like Angelfood cake. Do you think that would work in cupcake form?

Any cooking blunders or success stories to share?



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16 responses to “i once managed to burn rice krispies

  1. strawberry-blondie

    Your talk of Lady Fingers has just given me a ravenous craving for Tiramisu. Mmmm.

  2. Yes please post pictures please! What’s Angelfood cake? Sounds amazing.

  3. Not a baker. All I can manage are those quaker oatmeal muffin mixes… perhaps rice crispy squares on a really good day.

  4. Ali: I don’t think I’ve ever had Tiramisu…hmmm.

    Karen: I will try. :) Angel Food Cake is like a sponge-foam cake, really light and fluffy and cooked in a tube pan and made of a lot of white whites. Very good!

    Whitenoise: Hehe! Well I make a mess of rice kripsy treats, so you’re ahead of me on the muffin baking. ;)

  5. I once made an enormous batch of Sangria at my brothers’ house (with 2 bottles of wine in it) and discovered upon tasting that the big jar of what I had thought was sugar, was actually salt. So it was back to the liquor store, where I got strange looks from the clerk who remembered me from a half hour previous.

  6. My cooking/baking usually turn out pretty decent…mind you, I have a kazillion years experience now and it wasn’t always the case.

    Now “nuking” is quite another story. I’m sure I’ve told you this, but when I first got a microwave it took me about 2 months before I’d even opened the thing – it scared me.

    So the first time I did A (as in one) “baked”(?) potato in there, I guessed at the time. Well – about 50-60 minutes in the oven…so I figured 20 minutes sounded about right.


    Flames. Fire department were called (they sent TWO trucks…several calendar models standing around my kitchen in the smoke, laughing at me. I heard a lot of “so, do you cook much?”.

  7. )

    Geez, I always do that.

    Have a great day Al. xo

  8. Barb: Well, at least you were able to go back to the liquor store, even running the risk of the employees thinking you’re a lush. Sangria is worth it! :)

    Deb: Oh My G-d! 20 mins for a potato! Well, lesson learned. :)

    Don’t feel bad about two trucks coming, its mandatory.

    And same to you!

  9. captainfearless

    The first time I baked bread I had the rack up too high and so the bread had a lovely burn mark down the center of the loaf where it had come in contact with the heating element.

  10. I’ve done that with a cake before. At least the whole loaf didn’t burn…take out the middle and fill the rest with soup. Your very own bread bowl!

  11. captainfearless

    Would have been more of a bread trough….

  12. Ha. For some reason I was thinking the loaf was round.

  13. Ah burning stories. I’m a master of those. I have a column somewhere on exploding muffins – went off like little incendiary devices in the oven cuz I filled them with jam that super heated and ca-boom. Then I tried to repair them with tooth picks and icing. Not pretty. Ended up looking like Goth Muffins. And they were for the School Spring Fair. No one wanted them.

  14. Exploding muffins, now that sounds interesting and like something I’d like to read. Goth muffins!! Hahaha. That’s priceless. Thanks for sharing.

  15. serah

    Would you believe that after the hundreds of cookies I made for christmas. I went to make good old chocolate chip cookies and I messed them up. They must have had too much butter because the first batch looked more like pancakes, crepes even. So I chucked them into a square pan and baked them. I managed to rescue them – I still don’t know how.
    Every once and a while I will try a new Everyday Food recipe and things go awry. I hate it when this happens, so defeating. I guess some days I just don’t pay enough attention in the kitchen, or could it be that the orginal receipe is to blame?

  16. Always blame the original recipe. ;)

    That is frustrating how you can conquer the harder recipes, and then go simple and mess things up. Happens to us all!

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