words tangled in blue

I got in the car, and drove myself today for the first time in over a month. Felt a little weird. Since I fell I have been relying on the kindness of others to shuffle my arse to and from. Patient friends and family I have. But my leg is doing much better, although still sore and bumpy, I can move about.

Gripping the steering wheel in this deep freeze we are currently experiencing (I think the high today was -20’C) I couldn’t help but wish I lived in a warmer climate. Preferably with rain and mild temperatures (cough, England). However, since that’s not possible at the moment, I find putting some heat into my somewhat broken down car stereo, helps. In order to get a CD to play, I have to rub it on my leg for good luck. Weird, I know, but it works.

Anyway, here are two songs on my car playlist for today.

Soft Summer Girls – Barzin

This song kind of breaks my heart. In a good way. I love the line, “By the light of the kitchen, I’ve been reading your notes. Didn’t noticed I’ve forgotten the sound of voice…”

Central” – John Frusciante

I can’t really make out the words to this track, but I enjoy the music, especially round the 6 minute mark and the strings at the end.

Although it physically hurts to be outside in the cold for any long period of time, I do rather enjoy how the sun hits a pile of fresh, untouched snow. Especially through the lens of my Elton John-like sunnies. Oh, you haven’t seen those yet. In time.



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4 responses to “words tangled in blue

  1. That Barzin song is lovely. His voice puts me in mind of Brian Borcherdt, don’t you think?

    It’s good that, although injured, your leg still has the power to make a cd play in your car. Way to keep working through the pain, leg!

    I think Calgary is the only place in the nation that is warm. They are worried about flooding here now, because they don’t do any snow removal.

  2. Yes, I can hear that a little in there. I heart Barzin.

    It has the magic touch, I tell ya. ;)

    I cannot believe how cold it is here. I don’t think SW ON ever gets this cold… – 30? What the heck? Enjoy the warmth of the Chinook while you have it!

  3. serah

    Speaking of the weather:
    One – I have to deal with weather that I am not accustomed to. Toronto for 5 days, the second week of February, on my first business trip ever. I don’t have any clothes to deal with crazy temperatures, yikes!
    Two – Mr. left an update on fcbk about “even having cold thoughts”. It took ALL of my will power to not warm him up ;)
    I now have 4 albums that I’m holding out on, 4!

  4. Hahaha! You hold out on those albums. ;)

    Oh man, we should try and meet up. Hmm…I will be passing through TO then. Have to sort this out in an email. Bring lots of sweaters, that’s my only advice. :)

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