our love is lost and found

You know Terry’s Chocolate Orange?

The first time I ever had one I was so enamored with it. Why? Well, because I thought the chocolate actually burst threw the foil, completely intact, and I thought that was wicked awesome. I totally missed the tagline “Whack and unwrap.” You could say I was disappointed with this revelation…and I’ve secretly wanted to invent such a product since my dreams were dashed. However, without some sort of explosive I can’t figure out how. I’m welcome to suggestions.

Anyway, I opened up my chocolate orange from xmas today, courtesy of Ali (they come in mint now, which is great because I hate orange flavoured chocolate) and as I marveled at how neatly the slices unfolded, I wished that could be the case when we hit ourselves against things, or when things explode (metaphorically speaking). Sadly, that is not the case. Nothing is ever neat, and I guess no one would buy a product that held crushed pieces of chocolate.

Just been one of those days.



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10 responses to “our love is lost and found

  1. A quick experiment proved it doesn’t happen to actual oranges either.

    I love those suckers, too, but just at Christmas (yours was a Christmas gift, so it still counts).

  2. You know, I don’t like the combo of orange and chocolate either. I would be much more impressed with a caramel or even a really dark chocolate option.

    And it is too bad that things don’t just fall and break apart nice and neatly. For instance, wouldn’t it me nice if you could throw your laundry across the room and have it all separate and fold up nicely for you?

    Now I want chocolate. Hmm… I am going to make tea instead [it’s pretty darn cold out there!]

  3. captainfearless

    “Allison just applied for a job in a city that shares a name with a Simpsons character”

    There’s a city named Disco Stu? Sweet!

  4. John: But wouldn’t it be grand if it did? ;)

    Yes, only to treat round the holiday season!

    Todd: There is a dark chocolate option! I shall remember that for you for next year.

    That would be ace, like in Mary Poppins. ;)

    My friend – its not “darn cold” its fucking cold. Its -27 here. On the brief walk from the car to the door my eyelashes froze. Suppose to get worse this week too, enjoy your tea and bundle up. No more running at night, you!

    Fearless: Applied for and has an interview! Alas, not Disco Stu…think Mr. Burns assistant.

  5. Smithers or Waylon? IS there a Waylon, and why would anyone apply for a job there. Thumbs up to you!

    I love smashing those Terry’s oranges! But do the mint ones break into nice little mint leaves or still orange segment shapes?

  6. strawberry-blondie

    Any combination of orange and chocolate is an affront to all that is good and right in the universe.

    Chocolate and mint, however, is brilliant. Smashable, neatly-segmented, minty-chocolate is just damn awesome.

  7. Ooo yeah the dark chocolate option is tasty! But you’re right, it really is more of a Christmas treat.

    Must look for mint now!

  8. Barb: Your first guess. So remote, has me a bit concerned, but only a phone interview, can’t hurt.

    Still orange segment shapes, which was a little disappointing. :)

    Ali: It is damn awesome, but not as awesome as a wind-up Penguin who poops chocolate. ;)

    Malibupineapple: Mint is the way to go. Happy hunting!

  9. serah

    I’m not a fan of the orange and chocolate combo either…

  10. Its just wrong, I say!

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