you are my own invention

things i did this evening:

manage to cover myself in photo emulsion.

discover Hersey kisses with caramel inside – amazing.

construct a light box.

went for a walk.

help write a cover letter for a friend who needed help – badly.

watched 15 minutes of Hell’s Kitchen.

now, i am tired.

and you, how has your day been?



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8 responses to “you are my own invention

  1. strawberry-blondie

    Carmel Hershey’s kisses sound yummy.

    My list of things done yesterday: made a stir fry and set some egg noodles on fire because of my crap frying pan. List of things done today: bought a new wok.

    I lead such a glamourous life. ;)

  2. They are very yum!

    Hahaha! Sorry, glad you weren’t harmed in the making of. I once set fire to rice krispy squares. I’ll blame the pot.

    You’re turning into the domestic goddess, even with the setbacks. I am so proud. Hey – have you found your pre boiled eggs there? ;P

    Happy cooking!

  3. Will

    Hershey kisses with a caramel – for real?

  4. For serious. Get thee to a chocolate retailer near you! Bite sized caramel bars, basically. So good!

  5. captainfearless

    Yesterday, I got a fare bit of things done, but…

    Can’t focus today for some reason, so listening to the new John Frusciante album instead of doing work.

    Caramel kisses are the best kisses that have something mixed in. The wild cherry ones are nasty.

  6. I have been trying to download his album for the past few hours…the last 15 megabytes are being very, very slow. From the few tracks I have heard though, quite divine!

    I wasn’t aware Kisses were filled, until yesterday. I shall stay clear of the cherry ones.

  7. If I ever happen to find myself watching Hell’s Kitchen, I can’t tear my eyes away. It’s like a massive car crash, I don’t want to watch, but I can’t stop!

  8. It was hard to tear myself away, but I wanted to remain tired and not wake up again, so I trotted off. ;)

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