ooh, i’ll be the one to break my heart, i’ll be the one to hold the gun

I don’t really care for Feist so much.

But I do like this song.

Because sometimes I feel it all too.

And this evening I found an object I thought was long lost. And it just made my freakin’ month. Thumbs licked to you, G.

Thumbs. I miss you.




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9 responses to “ooh, i’ll be the one to break my heart, i’ll be the one to hold the gun

  1. Oh I likes me some Feist. I liked Let it Die better than The Reminder, but I’m still a big fan.

  2. I was just reading your short story post, John. ;) To be fair, I’ve only really ever listened to The Reminder, so I guess I should listen to her whole catolgue.

  3. I’m lukewarm about Feist as well.

    I’m concerned about your thumbs, though, are they missing?

  4. Click the link in the post. It explains. :)

  5. I do like that Feist lady, and that’s my fav :)

  6. I like her as background music.

  7. serah

    I feel it all – all the time. Pretty much the lyrics to my life. This has been a fav since the album was first released. I’ve been a fan since Let It Die. Now I am having a hard time sharing with all those 1,2,3, 4 people. I don’t think I’ll be able to see her live again now. At least I got one last fantastic show at the Orpheum prior to the explosion.

  8. GT: Yes, good background music.

    Serah: I think she’s one of those artists you really like, or just don’t. I tried, but she’s not taking. Its hard sharing an artist you’ve loved for years with the popular kids. ;)

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