scar tissue

I’ve been thinking about scars recently.

Perhaps because as my legs heal I am almost certain the gash, on one, will leave a mark. My legs are already pretty beaten up, from falling off bikes and skates as a kid, and tearing my MCL a few times…and that doesn’t bother me. Its my other two scars that do.

My appendix scar is something I’ve never really been able to get passed. Probably because the doctor botched it a bit, so its not as flush as it should be and I can’t handle people touching it. Even the slightest touch. I squirm.

The other is one on my right cheekbone. Its small, and with makeup I can get it to disappear slightly. Its probably only noticeable in the right light and if you’re looking for it, but I know its there. I think this one bothers me because of how it happened – I walked into the overhanging flap on a dumpster. I am the epitome of grace.

Anyway, not sure where I’m going with this. Perhaps our skin helps to tell our story. That’s how I feel about tattoos, which really are only chosen scars.

Have any scars and stories to share?



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7 responses to “scar tissue

  1. captainfearless

    I have a few, I just recently added one to the meaty part of my left thumb.

    But as the man say “Wounds heal, casts are cool and chicks dig scars”

  2. I have a thumb scar, as well, and I am quite fond of it surprisingly.

    And yes, chicks dig scars.

  3. captainfearless

    Speaking of scars, have you seen RocknRolla?

  4. I have a small scar under my chin that also has a humiliating story behind it – fainting in surgery class.

    And I feel slightly queasy when I touch the scar on my ankle, where a plate was inserted, but I think that’s because the plate makes everything feel dead. It’s creepy.

  5. Fearless: I have not, but its on the list of films to watch this week, actually. I’ve heard good things about it, so I am looking forward to watching. Saw The Wrestler last night, twas very good.

    Barb: Ouch! The chin is so sensitive too.

    You know, my mother says the same thing. She has a plate in her ankle from a bad fall years ago. I don’t envy either of you, that would feel rather odd.

  6. My scars are boring. One on my hand from an orange peeling accident (I usually add… “in ‘Nam” but no one believes me). The other’s on my head. I bent to pick up a loonie underneath the bleachers at a hockey game, then cracked it on an edge when I stood up.

  7. My scar on my thumb is from trying to open a wine bottle with a butter knife. So I sympathize with the orange peeling.

    Ouch! I grabbed my head just thinking about that. Teach us to pick up spare change. ;)

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