a black belt in karate


Ace of Cakes is one of my favourite shows on the Food Network.

Because I was a baker in my past life, I am sure.

If you’re wondering why I am wearing a scarf inside, its because our house is kept at 16 (62) degrees…yes, even in the negative temperatures. Although this picture isn’t at my house, hard to break a habit.

I would advise against watching numerous Richard Curtis films in 24 hour period. Enjoyable, but they tend to make a lonely heart, lonelier…I find.

Oh, and dear citizens – please take down (or turn off) your holiday lights already. Seriously. Its mid January. Seriously.



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11 responses to “a black belt in karate

  1. captainfearless

    Delicious cupcake looks delicious.

    Seriously. I love adverbs. Seriously.

  2. Ha! Well is was.

    I need to start buttressing my sentences with more adverbs. ;)

  3. Curious but I find myself craving sweets more and more this winter. (The cupcakes look positively terrific by the way.) Just wondered if you are suffering from the same cravings…

    Must be the lack of sunshine or something.


    p.s. It was Cat Power you heard in the commercial; Space Oddity?

  4. I have been craving more sweets now that I think about it. I tend to bake more in the winter as well. Winter started to early here too, we really didn’t get a fall. I await spring!

    Yes, Cat Power! Thank-you for clarifying. It was so brief I didn’t hear enough to recognize.

  5. I have a little crush on Duff, he looks like he’d give a good hug.

    mmm cupcakes!

  6. Me too, and yes, he does look like he’d give a good hug! :)

  7. I’m only slightly better than your parents, keeping our house at 65F (57F at night or when away). Sweaters and blankets are fashion accessories around here.

    You will be happy to know that our Christmas lights were removed last week. I believe that entitles me to a cupcake.

  8. 70F works for me. We get a lot of wind here. Its cold! ;)

    Well done, you. Virtual cupcake is being sent to you now!

  9. I just noticed today that people still have their trees up. BTW, it’s 62 degrees inside, no matter what the temp outside. IT’s a misconception that 62 degrees inside is colder if it’s colder outside

  10. serah

    You’re gonna love this. I still have my tree up. I had orginally left it up for Ella for when she got back from her grandma’s. I keep meaning to take it down but I’ve been too lazy. I even thought about doing a Valentine’s day tree – crazy I know. It will happen eventually.
    I wear a scarf whenever I damn well please, inside or out and whether I’m cold or not.

  11. GT: Yes, but I still think 62 is rather cold. I am happy about 5 degrees warmer. :)

    Serah: Actually, I kind of like the idea of a Valentine’s day tree. Its cute. ;)

    That that is why I love you, my fashion forward friend.

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