shh…don’t make a sound

Forgive these driving at night posts, but when its late and I’m in the passenger seat my mind wanders.

Driving home when the streets are worn from the dirt of the day, and the lights shine through the windshield magnifying the filth, which has been rubbed back and forth and you can see reflections bounce off your nose and the radio is playing one of your favourite songs that makes you miss another time, you think to yourself its no wonder that films with driving sequences make you cry.

Life does sometimes suck from the passenger seat.

But I made vanilla cupcakes tonight and they were good…so all is not lost.

They had coloured sprinkles too.



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13 responses to “shh…don’t make a sound

  1. captainfearless

    “Life does sometimes suck from the passenger seat.”

    Depends on who the driver is.

  2. Yes it does. Was mulling over a line like that, but couldn’t get the words to fit.

  3. captainfearless

    Sure to make your wknd better…. Franz Ferdinand has leaked!

  4. What a perfect paragraph you penned there, my friend. (I guess it’s actually a sentence) It’s like a little film playing in my head now.

    And when you have vanilla cupcakes, it makes for a happy ending. Not THAT kind of happy ending.

  5. Fearless: Yes, I saw that! Great news. The web sheriff is all over it, as I have found many dead links. Downloading it currently, hope it works! :)

    Barb: Thanks, friend! Yes, I was feeling a little run on sentence-like. Glad it worked.

    Haha! Yes, it does. ;)

  6. captainfearless

    If you have problems let me know.

  7. Will do. Seems to be playing fine. Such a good music weekend!!

  8. Some days I’d just rather be the passenger than the driver, because then I could just leave it all up to someone else as I sit back and enjoy the ride (I mean that both literally and figuratively).

    And, just to complete things, I’d eat a sprinkle covered vanilla cupcake and let the crumbs roll down my shirt. Can you tell I need a break from things?

  9. Some days I’d rather be the passenger too, Deb. But somethings it makes me feel stuck.

    Aw, well I’m sending you a vanilla cupcake through the waves!! Perhaps one of those lovely kids of yours will do some baking for you. :)

  10. You know, you’re supposed to share cupcakes. It’s a rule :P
    The passenger seat is a metaphore for life. How often are we really in control? And how often do we grab for the “Oh, Shit!” handle?

  11. Ah, sorry, I thought posting the pictures would be cruel!

    Not often, and I grab that handle getting into the car. ;)

  12. captainfearless

    Something I forgot say is that as the passenger, you at least have a good soundtrack song…. singing la la la la la la la la…

  13. This is true. And you get to close your eyes if you so desire, something the driver is unable to do. :)

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