oh no.




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12 responses to “oh no.

  1. Yikes. Hope you’re okay!

  2. I am fine. For once, not the physical kind of accident. ;)

  3. captainfearless


  4. Yup. Tis my soundtrack of the afternoon.

  5. you have a knack for post headlines, did anyone ever tell you that?

  6. i don’t believe anyone has. i do try though (sometimes), so thank-you. ;)

  7. Mellowlee

    Yes, you do have excellent headlines! Combined with the artwork, you can get a point across very efficently ;O) Hope all is well xo

  8. Thanks Mel! Think I can add those attributes to my CV? Totally marketable. ;)

    Hope you are feeling better. I am trying to figure out the thing you just sent me on Facebook. I may be able to write a succinct post, but send me an application and I get in a thither!

  9. I’m too yellow to ask what’s up. Hope all is well!

  10. captainfearless

    I figured it out, you ate the forbidden donut didn’t you?

  11. Dale: Hope you feel better, friend.

    Fearless: I did, how’d you guess? ;)

    Barb: Shades of. ;)

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