pale to redness

Tis snowing.

However, its mild out. Rain-like. Sky is grey.

I wish I could go for a walk. Stick out my tongue and catch snowflakes.

Except I’m still hobbling, and crutches and ice do not mix. Lesson I learned last night.

Instead I will play Faking My Harlequin by Robert Pollard, on repeat, as its hooked in my head. And make some white pomegranate tea, and get back to work.

Sidenote: don’t you hate it when the first track on an album is brilliant and then the rest is just meh?

Fist shake, I tell ya.

Oh, and here’s the latest PB&J – Nothing to Worry About. Gonna to be an interesting album methinks.


This video kills me.



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8 responses to “pale to redness

  1. hope the leg is feeling better soon. Hope that first track helps

  2. Thanks, its getting better each day. :)

  3. “people whose use keyboards are standing in the way of progress”. Awesome.

  4. I think I would hate trying to type with a wheel. My fingers would need to be trained all over again. What I want is one of those computers that you see floating on air in scifi sequences, and they’re 3D and such.

    Stay off the ice, missy!

  5. Karenn: Totally. I also love the little news snippets at the end of the clip – “No word on if these computers will take off in the business world, where people actually do work instead of dicking around.”

    Barb: If that existed it would be beyond frustrating. Ah yes, to use on the movable sidewalks too. :)

    Tis the goal for today!

  6. Mellowlee

    That video was priceless!!!!! I will probably end up posting it on my facebook profile LMAO!!!
    I can’t wait for the PB&J album!

    I luff that RP track too!

  7. I know eh! I laughed my ass off. Oh yes, you should post it for more to see. :)

    Glad you liked the track too!

  8. Eve

    I have one album for you that meets that description…


    I totally bought that whole album in like grade 7 and the rest of it sucked. I don’t even think I managed to make it through the whole things as the next couple of songs were so horrible. And there is a creepy looking pink baby with teeth on the front cover to boot!

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