four dollars

Is how much going to the cinema costs, on a Tuesday. Here.

Thankfully, at the price of $4, it makes it easier to walk out of a picture when you are not satisfied and go buy snacks and then ‘forget” to go back in.

Have you ever walked out of a movie before? If so, which one and why?



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19 responses to “four dollars

  1. Never one I went to the theatre to see… But some I’ve rented, or some that people have tried to get me to watch… Die Hard 4 comes to mind immediately!!!!!

    Just saw Gran Torino. Please tell me you went to see it tonight. It’s fabulous!

  2. I’ve never actually walked out of a cinema before, but when I watched 27 Dresses at home, yeah. That was bad. I popped the DVD out after 35 minutes and very seriously considered breaking it into little pieces.

    Oh and I have not watched Slumdog Millionaire yet, but I am currently reading the book it was based on, and it is Awesome! Very highly recommended, unless you’re not to keen on mounds and mounds of depression before the happy ending makes an appearance.

  3. strawberry-blondie

    So, what did you walk out on?? Was it The Spirit?

  4. $4!!!! You must have coughed up a lung or something when you bought cinema tickets in the UK! I had heard the ‘Swept Away’ Madonna thing was so bad it was good. Wrong. It was so bad I was physically unable to watch it.

  5. fearless

    Did you walk out of The Spirit? Was it that bad?

  6. Eve

    Blue Streak. I walked out of that to follow a boy I liked in grade 9. But frankly it was a bad movie in the first place, and I was only there I think because of the boy in the first place.

    I wish movies were that cheap here. Mat and I went to see Twilight on the weekend and it cost $25 for the two of us.

    Madness I say!
    And yet, I will pay $12.50 to see it again.

  7. Fleur: The Die Hard films are epic! I heart them. ;)

    Yes, I saw Grand Torino on the weekend and thought it was ace. Reminded me of all those spaghetti westerns from film.

    BAP: Last year, I was bored and attempted to stream that film, but couldn’t stomach it.

    I am trying to find a copy of Slumdog Millionaire as it looks so good. I am glad to hear that the book is great too.

    Ali: The Spirit. I lasted for an hour and then couldn’t take it, it was horrible. I have only ever walked out of one other movie and that was in film school, when we watched Tetsu.

    Karen: Yeah, the £7 ticket price was a little much. Also the 30 mins of advertising before the movie played. Insanity!

    Oi. I will spare myself from watching it. Thanks for the heads up!

    Fearless: I did, and it was. Everyone I went with felt the same, and they are graphic novel people. It just tried too hard, and the actors did not fit the roles. The only part I enjoyed was The Spirit’s costume (trench coat, fedora and converse) and then in the previews we saw the trailer for Watchmen.

    Eve: He he. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Blue Streak.

    Only that cheap on Tuesday. Rest of the week its $8. The prices here used to be $12 but no one was going, so they dropped the price.

    $25! Yikes. There is that cinema on King (I believe) where tickets are $6. Well I’m glad you had a good time. That’s all that matters. :)

  8. fearless

    It didn’t look very good from the previews, but now I’ll avoid it altogether. Watchmen on the other hand looks kick ass!

  9. I only saw one preview a long time ago, I was going on the basis of the director.

    The trailer for Watchmen is brill. However I read something the other day about it getting pushed back, do to issues over copyright or something. Hope that is false.

  10. fearless

    The have resolved the legal issues..03.06.09

  11. Good to hear. Yes, I remember the date, twas with the trailer.

  12. Will

    I’ve never walked out of a movie, but I’ve had a few times where the movie made my stomach hurt (“Pearl Harbour,” “The Matrix Reloaded”). In fact, I tried to take a nap during the latter, but it was too loud.

  13. I have fallen asleep in during many movies, but more movies I watched at home and such. Ouch, Pearl Harbour. Its a wonder how some of this pictures get made.

  14. captainfearless

    I spoke too soon, the court case for watchmen will be decided Jan 20 according to Variety…

  15. Ah, well I hope it doesn’t get pushed back. I imagine there is quite a lot of money at stake.

  16. I don’t go to movies enough to attend ones that I am not entirely sure I want to see, hence I haven’t walked out of anything. I sure have slept through a lot of them at home though, or ejected and hurled across the room. That Adam Sandler one that takes place on a boat springs to mind.

  17. If the movies weren’t $4 I wouldn’t be going to any of them. Adam Sandler flick on a boat, eh. Hmmm…not familiar with it and don’t think I’ll suss it out now.

  18. I have never walked out – though a few have had me tempted.

    – King Kong
    – X-Men 3

    I think those are the only two recent ones… That come to mind anyhow. I’m pretty picky about what I see in theatres.

    Others that I have downloaded or rented – well, that list is long, and I have turned them off. But it’s so different when you’re actually at the theatre.

  19. Its the first one I walked out of. Although I saw a movie called Cookie’s Fortune once, and walked out with only a little left, it was so bad.

    Yes, the list of downloaded ones or rented is much longer! :)

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