Ever scare yourself into awakening from your own breathing?

Its going to be a long day.

Tonight, however, I am going to see The Spirit and I hope its better than the last film I watched.

Had kind of a weekend at the movies, if you will. Seeing as its award season there are some pristine copies of films floating about the torrents, it makes life easy for a girl on a budget. I enjoyed all that I saw – Frost/Nixon, Milk, Grand Torino….hell Bedtime Stories was even cute. Yet I was so disappointed with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which had been my front runner, I was hyped to see it. I adored the short story.

First, its different than the short story and second, I expected more from this director. Although I must say the flashback sequences were great, but really the only memorable part of the film. Yes, it was sad. Yes, the acting was good (not great). But I felt it lagged and I found myself waiting for the climax so it would hurry things along and just end. Kind of like bad sex.

But I am curious (no pun intended) what you thought of it (if you’ve seen it)? Or any others I’ve mentioned.

What’s a film on your list that everyone must see?



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15 responses to “tenuousness

  1. fearless

    I’m going to watch TCCOBB today.

    I enjoyed most of the movies you mentioned and I would add “The Wrestler” to the list. Darren Aronofsky, like David Fincher, is for me, a must see director.

  2. I hope you find it more enjoyable. I think I had hyped it too much, as I have enjoyed all of Fincher’s flims before. And comparing it to the story. Nevertheless, still good parts throughout, the lightening flashbacks are funny, look out for those.

    I haven’t heard of The Wrestler…he did Requiem, yes?

  3. Will

    I am going to agree with you on being disappointed with Benjamin Button. I didn’t find it boring but it kind of just was – it moved, but lacked emotional highs and lows. I didn’t mind it at the time, but there is little of it that sticks with me afterwards. Plus, I was confused why they set the modern sequences during Katrina, and then kind of cut that off. And I thought there were a number of undeveloped plot points.

    As for the other films you saw, I really liked “Milk” and I would really like to see “Frost/Nixon.”

  4. Yes, it did lack emotional highs and lows. I wanted more of an arc instead of just a flat line and a few blips.

    I was really expecting the modern sequences to go somewhere, anywhere, really. Except it just kind of ended and that was it.

    Although one could argue that that was the point. Story of a man, in an extraordinary circumstance, living a ordinary life. Still though…I wanted more. :)

    I really enjoyed Frost/Nixon. There are two scenes especially in that picture that are standout and won me over.

  5. fearless

    I enjoyed it. And that’s all I have to say about it.

    And yes he did Requiem and more importantly Pi.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it then.

    Haven’t seen Pi. On the list.

  7. fearless

    Pi will blow your mind then re-arrange it, then blow it again.

  8. I’ve been wanting to see it, and I especially like the tagline: Faith in Chaos. Shall have to move it up the list.

  9. The new Mike Leigh flick, Happy Go Lucky? is that its name? I love his work.

  10. Haven’t seen anything new in a while, but we rented “After The Wedding” the other day which was pretty good.

  11. I saw it all except for the last 30-45 minutes of it. I had downloaded it – the universe was mocking me, telling me that the act of downloading was wrong, and so it prevented me from seeing how things ended. But from what I saw of The Curious Case…, I also thought it was lagging. Why not chop off a third of it and just get to the point? :P

  12. I never really felt the need to see Benjamin Button, for some reason. I do want to see Slumdog Millionaire, though. Also that one with Brick in the title.

  13. Gifted Typist: Hmm…I have not heard of that picture, but I did enjoy Secrets and Lies.

    John: Another one I haven’t seen. I have been watching new releases lately, haven’t been to the video store in a while. Must change that.

    Todd: It was lagging, you didn’t miss much from the ending – my guess is you can figure out how it ended. ;)

    Barb: That is next on my list! It looks really good, I am going to set it up next in my que. :)

  14. I loved Milk, but was kinda dissapointed with TCCOBB too…it really was a little too slow, but I still cried. When Brad Pitt came on screen, riding the motorcycle, looking so amazingly gorgeous! Woo! I think all the women in the theater collectively gasped.

    Frost/Nixon and Grand Tornio are on my list for the weekend. There’s a small place in my heart for anything Eastwood. I also want to see Slumdog and Doubt.

    Gotta love movie season!

  15. It really was slow, eh? I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so. Haha, yes, leather jackets have that affect. ;)

    Oh, yes, I want to see Doubt as well. Thanks for the reminder!

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